New Executive Leadership Training Ignites Local Businesses

David Ellis, President of Affinity Marketing and Communications in Dunedin recently announced the launch of a new division of his company. AMC Elite was developed to offer creative leadership training and education seminars, CDs and DVD programs for company executives who want to bring their company to the next level.

Dunedin, FL, May 16, 2008 --( Included in the AMC Elite catalog are a group of seminars that come under the umbrella of Working at WOW! They include: Living at WOW!, Climbing the Corporate Ladder, Shaping The Corporate Vision, Executive Meditation, and Fearless Leadership. On-site training is available.

Ellis referred to a recent study from Harvard that listed meditation and intuition as the two most valuable tools for the 21st century executive, and indicated that the Executive Meditation seminar could prove to be their most popular sought-after program.

“Within ten days of posting an article on Executive Meditation on the Internet at, a community of personal development experts, we received an inquiry from an international company that had just approved meditation training as part of their company training program,” Ellis reported.

Jeff Belyea, Affinity Marketing’s Creative Solution Officer, will head up the new AMC Elite division. Belyea is a certified business coach, as well as an artist and writer with a PhD in Communications. He is also an award-winning author of several books, including Taming The Lions of Fear and Doubt and You’re Not Hooked. You’ve Been Hoodwinked. You CAN Quit Smoking! He has lead seminars and training workshops around the country for more than 15 years.

“It’s radically different than anything you’ve seen before,” said Dr. Belyea. These creative leadership programs go way beyond stress management, goal setting and thinking outside the cubicle. AMC Elite programs are about living with wisdom, optimism and wellness. And that translates to high-level job satisfaction, improved listening and communication skills, increased productivity, more compatible relationships, a new creative problem-solving capacity, and for many, a new level of relaxed efficiency and peace of mind.”

When asked about the premise on which the seminars were created, Belyea summarized with, “We have been so socialized to identify with our practical, logical, linear thought process - which is a wonderful and necessary component of our being - that our inherent intuitive capacity has been pushed out of our everyday consciousness. We have designed our programs to give participants the tools to expand consciousness back into holistic balance. We have a lot of fun in our seminars, yet the practical benefits are very real and measurable. We have many testimonials to this effect. Whoever thought we would one day be hearing about ‘executive meditation,’ especially from starch-collared ivy league schools?”

The AMC Elite programs bring powerful intuitive capacity to light and offer specific techniques and skill sets that enable participants to balance their linear thinking process with intuitive ability. According to the developers of these programs, this is an incredibly effective goal achievement strategy that comes with a broad range of additional personal development benefits.

Viewers can see a 2-minute introduction to AMC Elite Programs at Call Affinity Marketing at 727-733-9332 or email for information.

Affinity Marketing & Communications, Inc.
Mary Orme
Dr. Jeff Belyea, AMC Elite