Carlie Anderson Strategic Wealth Planning, Are Establishing Offices in the Heart of Hong Kong to Better Serve Investors in a Rapidly Growing Asia Pacific Market

Carlie Anderson Strategic Wealth Planning, are establishing offices in the heart of Hong Kong to better Serve Investors in a rapidly growing Asia Pacific Market.

Copenhagen, Denmark, February 27, 2022 --( Carlie Anderson, a globally active brokerage firm, announced they are opening an office in the heart of Hong Kong. With an already established presence in Copenhagen, the world wide Strategic Wealth Planning firm now has two entities around the globe in Europe and Hong Kong serving over One hundred and Sixty thousand client accounts in more than 170 countries.

"Establishing an office in Hong Kong is part of our continuing trend of opening entities around the world to support our growing universal presence,” said Mr Carlie Anderson, CEO of Carlie Anderson Strategic Wealth Planning. “Our strategic plan is to make Hong Kong the foremost centre of our operations in Central Asia to keep ahead of client growth, which is a growing trend in Asia Pacific, Western and Eastern Europe and around the world." Over a quarter of Carlie Anderson’s accounts now come from Asia, as of January 2, 2022 client accounts worldwide have grown over 50% from the previous year.

Carlie Anderson, facilitate clients when trading in all currencies, stocks, bonds, options, futures, funds, and bitcoin, opening doors around the world with access to 135 stock exchanges in 33 countries with a single client trading account. Clients also benefit from the company’s policy buy-low, sell-high pricing, with guaranteed low margin rates and state of the art technology. "We look forward to spreading knowledge and understanding of capital markets among our existing clients and new clients all across Central Europe and Asia Pacific," said Mr Carlie Anderson.

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Our main focus at Carlie Anderson Strategic Wealth Planning is dedicated to earning and supporting long-term clients and family relationships that will embrace multiple generations and we have committed our service levels to ensuring that this expectation is a reality for our clients. We are passionate about and committed to serving our fellow community members, their families and friends to the very best of our abilities.
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