The Benefits of Adopting 16:9 Widescreen for POS System

the widescreen monitor is the trend for modern computer devices including POS systems. Clientron POS system, PT2700, adopts a widescreen slim design to impact the overall look of your counter.

Xizhi, Taiwan, March 10, 2022 --( The field of view is a key point we tend to prefer widescreen monitors because people’s eyes have a wider horizontal field of view than their vertical field. That's why widescreen monitors take advantage of the horizontal field of view to naturally show you more information and improve your ability to multitask efficiently.

Several studies have shown that the 16:9 format is better for the human eye because the width of the 16:9 widescreen is more suitable for the field of view than the 4:3 format. In addition to the difference in field of view, retail widescreen monitors have an additional horizontal screen space to display menus and applications side-by-side, which allows employees to see orders and inventory in view rather than switching between different windows, and reduces incorrect accidental touch. Therefore, a widescreen POS system will be ideal for handling various businesses and displaying complex menus.

16:9 is the optimal ratio carefully calculated by professional scientists to provide better accommodation for high-quality content. Since the inception of 16:9, it has been widely used in consumer products such as TVs, laptops, and computer monitors. Today, widescreen is the latest design trend for monitor-related products. Dell, HP, LG, Sony, Samsung, and ViewSonic have all launched widescreen (16:9) or "ultra-wide (21:9)" products.

Clientron's newest widescreen POS system, the PT2700, features a 16:9 display supporting Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) for an enhanced user experience. Overall, the slim design of the PT2700 aspires to be an in-store artwork for our global partners.

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