New Wallpaper Collection Dissects Artwork and Remixes the Elements Into a Vast Collection of Wall Coverings

Quality on-demand services allow artist Sean Martorana to offer customizable options for his recent release of wallpaper dissected from his own works of art.

Philadelphia, PA, March 16, 2022 --( It is no secret that wallpaper is popular these days. With access to various paper types, printing methods and on-demand accessibility, the market is filled and saturated with art and designs of all types ready to cover a wall with large murals or repeat patterns.

It’s no surprise that Sean Martorana would have a collection of his own. His eclectic history of applying his art to different materials including murals and interior decor accessories naturally brings him to this place.

“I’ve been designing wallpaper for a while. Only recently, I found a quality product I like. It’s also environmentally friendly, I can provide customers with different paper options and design customizations. It just all came together all at the same time.” - Sean Martorana

But unlike other work out there, a lot of Sean’s latest collection is taken directly from other works of art he has created. After Sean completes one of his paintings, illustrated scenes or compositions, what he does next is unusual to most art practices.

He goes back into the works of art and well... rips them a part.

Sean zeros in on little details in his pieces and dissects them. Pulling out shapes that might not normally be paid attention to. He cuts out the negative spaces in between the lines. He plucks the petals of the illustrated flowers. He uses pieces of tail feathers. Sean remixes their elements to create new designs that could cover any space in perfect repeats.

“I consider my work to reveal energy that lies beneath the surface of what we normally see. The pulse that flows through everything. By pulling out pieces and creating new works that stand on their own reveals even more of that energy which can then enhance any space. It extends the universe in which my work exists.” - Sean Martorana

You could consider this a style of collage. But using his own library of elements. Sean likens it to nature itself. How plants grow and reproduce and then grow some more. It’s all connected through a deeper root system. It’s all part of the same garden.

“The original work of art that the pieces come from is like the mother plant. From there the seeds of the plant pollinate new crops of art and designs.” - Sean Martorana

To take the remix process even further, Sean is currently offering clients to customize any pattern to color match their special project. For a small fee you can work with Sean to match the paint in a room, the color of a sofa or palette in a rug. This allows clients that fall in love with a specific pattern, have it in the color combination they need.

Sean may even name the new color way after you when it’s released.

Follow Sean to see new designs and color ways roll out throughout the year.

To learn more and view Sean Martorana’s latest wallpaper releases visit his website where you can also browse cushions, original fine art, prints, stationery and more.

Examples of the wallpaper being used:

Portraits of Sean Martorana here:

About Sean Martorana:
Sean Martorana is the only creator that crafts bold visual compositions inspired by the imperfections of nature for art enthusiasts and the designer conscious in the US and beyond for people who want to embellish their lives with elevated energy in an era where custom personal experiences are highly sought after.

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