Docusearch Announces Its Guide to Finding a Social Security Number for 2022

Boise, ID, March 19, 2022 --( Occasionally, it might be necessary to find a specific person’s social security number. This could be for a variety of reasons from pending or active litigation, recovering a debt, or for tax filing purposes. Irrespective of the reason, it’s crucial that consumers know and understand the legalities around finding someone’s social security number.

Fortunately, Docusearch has made this a lot easier, as it recently released its 2022 guide to finding someone’s social security number. The guide provides consumers with the right information, key consideration, and the steps they’ll need to follow to perform a social security number search.

When is Finding a Social Security Number Possible?

The first step in the process of finding someone’s social security number is understanding under what circumstances these searches would be allowed.

This is simply because, unlike some other information relating to persons, social security numbers are regarded as personally identifiable information that should be kept private. For obvious reasons, if they’re not, they could end up in the wrong hands which could lead to identity theft, fraudulent bills, and the like.

Ultimately, this means that it’s generally not allowed to search for someone’s social security number. It’s also for this reason that access to social security numbers is tightly regulated. In fact, according to Docusearch, consumers won’t be able to search for their own social security numbers.

There are, however, some exceptions to this general rule. These exceptions are clearly defined and Docusearch, in its guide, describes these circumstances in detail. Ultimately, the question whether a consumer would be legally allowed to search for and find information about someone’s social security number depends on whether the consumer has a permissible purpose.

As Docusearch emphasizes, “It’s clear that there are only a few clearly specified, narrow cases where a social number search would be permitted. Because these cases are so narrow, they leave no room for doubt, and it will be impossible for anyone to expand them and legally search for a social security number without any of these reasons being present.”

Another problem that consumers face is that many people, including attorneys, simply don’t know that it would be legal to search to find someone’s social security number under these circumstances. In turn, this often results in consumers getting the wrong advice, despite social security number searches being a valuable tool for litigation and debt recovery.

What Should Consumers do if They Need to Find a Person’s Social Security Number?

Once consumers have a valid reason for finding someone’s social security number, how should they go about doing it? According to Docusearch, one viable solution is to use a licensed private investigator that has access to all the major credit bureaus. Doing this has several benefits.

Firstly, it eliminates using other services, tools, or platforms that could provide incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated results. For example, many consumers might think that legal subscription services might be the best solution.

This is not the case. These platforms truncate social security numbers, which means they only show a few numbers of the entire social security number. Understandably, this isn’t ideal, especially when finding the social security number is vital for, for example, litigation.

It’s important to remember that there are some of these solutions that provide full social security numbers, but they are expensive, and not many attorneys can afford them.

In contrast, because these licensed private investigators like Docusearch have access to major credit bureaus, they’re able to provide the most updated and accurate results. In addition, they’re able to find the information relatively quickly.

A second benefit of using a licensed private investigator for finding someone’s social security number is that they’re affordable. Unlike many other services or platforms, they don’t charge subscriptions, but rather a one-time fee. For example, Docusearch charges a fee of $49 and if they can’t find any information relating to the social security number, they’ll refund this amount.

Another major benefit of using licensed private investigators is that they’re well-versed in all the legalities and technicalities of social security number searches. This means they’re able to advise consumers if they have a legal, valid reason to do the search, which could save consumers money.

When hiring a private investigator, consumers should also steer clear of service providers that aim to make consumers sign up for subscriptions or exorbitant monthly payment plans. Moreover, if an investigator is not licensed, they’ll typically not have access to credit bureaus and will source their information from outdated databases.

How does Docusearch Find Social Security Numbers?

When consumers want to do a social security number search, they’ll start the process by placing an order on Docusearch’s website. Here, they’ll need to provide the person in question’s full name, last known address, and approximate date of birth.

Because Docusearch has a duty to protect sensitive information from release for any unlawful or unethical purposes, they’ll then conduct a telephonic compliance interview to verify consumers’ identity and the reason they’re doing the search.

Once this verification is complete, Docusearch will search all the major credit bureaus for the information requested. Consumers can expect to get results within an hour because Docusearch is so efficient at finding this information. It’s important to remember, however, that if the person has no credit record or is under the age of 21, Docusearch won’t be able to find any information.

It’s completely legal to find someone’s social security number, provided that it’s done for a legal and valid reason. If it is, the best approach will be to use a licensed private investigator that has access to all the major credit bureaus and can find the information quickly and affordably.

To get more insights about Docusearch’s social security number searches and other considerations relating to these searches, the guide is available to read here:
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