LogicBright CRM Wants Happy Customers Not Hostages

LogicBright CRM adds a monthly payment option with no contracts and no obligations. LogicBright CRM is a web-based contact manager system that is designed for small and medium sized businesses.

Overland Park, KS, May 20, 2008 --(PR.com)-- LogicBright CRM has introduced a monthly payment option in addition to the industry-standard annual payment option. Customers now have the option to pay month-to-month with no contract and no hassles.

"We are breaking with the CRM industry practice of holding clients hostage with long-term service agreements. Effective immediately, our clients may invest monthly in their CRM, automatically spreading their investment over time," replied Steve Schmidt, President of Tekniq Data Corporation, when asked about the recent change.

LogicBright CRM is built to be easy to use and straightforward to purchase, making the powerful benefits of CRM more accessible to the target market of small and medium businesses. The option to invest monthly is another strong example of LogicBright's commitment to customer satisfaction. "Providing innovative solutions for small and medium-sized businesses is our priority," stated Mr. Schmidt.

The monthly payment option for LogicBright CRM is $25 per month, per user. The annual payment option is $240 per year, per user. LogicBright's 30-day money-back guarantee remains in place.

LogicBright CRM, by Tekniq Data Corporation, is a web-based contact management system that provides the benefits of CRM to small and medium businesses. Powerful data management features are wrapped in a simple, intuitive interface that encourages productive use of the system with minimal training. LogicBright CRM makes extensive use of Web 2.0 and AJAX components.


LogicBright is offering a 20% discount on the monthly subscription plan for signups through May 31st, 2008. Using the promo code "LB01YR20" during checkout, the monthly subscription rate is $20 per month, per user, for the first year.
Josh Collins