Russ Allen Speaks Out About Dairy Farmers Who Have Suffered Loss of Milk Production and Other Damages Due to Stray Electrical Current on Their Land

De Pere, WI, May 16, 2008 --( Electric utility companies across the US are being sued by dairy farmers who have suffered loss of milk production and other damages due to stray electrical current on their land.

“First, they polluted our water. Then, they polluted our air. Now, the very soil we walk on is being overrun by stray electrical current,” says Russ Allen, author of the new book Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You?.

In his book, Mr. Allen, a Wisconsin native, discloses the shocking truth about the North American electric distribution system. Mr. Allen won a settlement against the Wisconsin Public Service Corporation for the direct effect that electrical pollution had on his livestock and the destruction of his eighty-year-old dairy business.

“It took years to understand what was occurring on the farm and why,” says Mr. Allen. “In the meantime, we nearly went crazy—and bankrupt.”

The cause of Mr. Allen’s problems was allegedly a local utility, Wisconsin Public Service, which used the earth to return their high-voltage currents back to their substation.

In going to trial, Mr. Allen claimed $14 million in economic losses, damages from his farm, and nuisance. But unfortunately, he was only awarded $2 million after an appeal.

“Corporate greed isn’t new. We have the recent examples of Exxon, Enron and Merck before us,” says Mr. Allen. “Although they inflicted terrible damage on the environment, at least they suffered prosecution and harsh penalties—the utilities are a different story.”

In recent years, major electric utility companies across the United States have damaged environmental facilities, advanced global-warming pollution and caused millions of dollars in loss due to:
• Livestock illness and death
• Air pollution
• Waterway damage and reservoir contamination
• Greenhouse corruption
• Deterioration of stone and copper in buildings

“The problem of electrical pollution has become so widespread that three prominent universities sponsored seminars to teach utility personnel how to ‘correctly’ testify in court in favor of utilities,” says Mr. Allen. “This is further proof of an unholy alliance between utility and university.”

Mr. Allen is one of the heirs to the Allen Dairy Farm outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and a figurehead in the movement against the electrocution of animals. He spent months in a heated court battle with the Wisconsin Public Service Corporation.

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