CarJunction Now in Tanzania

Asakashi, Japan, May 18, 2008 --( Recently there has been a welcome addition to Dar-es-Salaam`s automobile milieu. The largest exporter of primarily used Japanese automobiles, CarJunction has established its physical presence with top notch used vehicles of all categories, makes, and models of vehicles popular not just in Tanzania but deep into the African continent.

In addition to exporting, importing, and reselling, CarJunction has entered the market with a clear competitive advantage - the Reconditioning License for used vehicles in Dar-es-Salaam.

Even though the company acquires high-grade used vehicles to begin with, its Reconditioning License will ensure its customers drive off their neat, clean, shiny vehicles without any worry. CarJunction`s presence facilitates car buying for countries neighboring Tanzania, as well.

The outfit has the ability to export the vehicles to the countries surrounding such as Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Burundi, D.R.Congo, etc with ease and agility.

With a clear vision and an ambitious mission, CarJunction is poised to capture the lion’s share of the coveted market.

The company is not new to this region, though. It has been serving the greater part of Africa for over a decade with satellite offices in Durban, Harare, and Lusaka.

Hence, the formidable name recognition preceding its arrival on this continent ensures its quick success in the region.

Cognizant of the local demand, the company features all popular categories like family and luxury sedans, buses and trucks of all sizes, as well as sports cars and SUVs.

The selection boasts world-renowned Japanese brands like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Isuzu, as well as some classic European and American makes like Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Ford, and Jeep Cherokee.

However, a superior inventory is not the only muscle CarJunction flexes here.

According to the CEO, "adapting to the rapidly changing environment requires agility and a flexible posture."

He takes pride in the fact that the company never stops thinking of new ways to serve the customers -how to provide the best vehicle for one’s money in the shortest possible time.

Establishing a satellite office in Dar-es-Salaam is another firm step to that end.

Customers from Tanzania and her neighboring countries can now visit CarJunction`s wide selection on-site in Dar-es-Salaam, purchase the automobile, and drive off without having to wait for weeks and months for delivery.

Coupling the coveted inventory, the company offers superior Customer Service as well.

Often the company bends over backwards to please its customers that include elite buyers like Diplomats deputed from advanced countries like USA, UK, and Australia.

Several of these customers have graduated to fulltime patrons, as they continue to purchase vehicles for themselves and refer their family, friends, and colleagues alike to CarJunction.

Catering to this special segment, as well as the international NGOs and military personnel stationed abroad, the company has a Diplomat Program especially to serve such customers with high level of expectation.

Harnessing the technological advances, the company makes car buying a pleasant experience with the convenience of e-Commerce and confidence of physical touch-and-feel of the vehicle before one invests in a vehicle.

With membership at almost all the major auctions across Japan, CarJunction can arrange and deliver high quality used vehicles at economical rates faster than anyone here delivers.

To ensure its quality of products and services, the company enjoys certification by agencies like JAAI & COTECNA.

Whether one is new to car buying or has significant knowledge and experience of automobiles, CarJunction offers an equally satisfying experience to all.

Car Junction Ltd.
Kuku Sa