Custom Technologies’ Box Butler™ is Now Patent Pending

St. Louis, MO, April 01, 2022 --( Custom Technologies, a full-spectrum product engineering and manufacturing firm, is announcing it filed a patent submission with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its fully automated unboxing solution. The Box Butler™ can be wholly integrated into existing processing lines, making it so that unboxing products no longer has to be done by hand.

“Before, a dozen or more people would cut open boxes, lift the product out, and then toss the box away. This would leave employees physically drained and ripped pieces of cardboard everywhere,” said Ellen Mell, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Custom Technologies. “We created the Box Butler™ as the solution for unboxing products without the hassle, and are proud to say it is patent pending.”

First, the boxed product enters the opening station on automatic conveyors and is robotically put into the correct position. Next, the Box Butler™ uses a precision laser to cut the bottom of the box open, leaving the top and sides of the box, also known as the dome, intact and the product securely inside. Then, the box, with the product inside, is robotically moved out of the station. The product is then robotically unboxed, as the dome of the box is lifted away and the product is removed.

There are several key benefits and technical features to having a Box Butler™. Key benefits include more efficiency and throughput, less line downtime, and reduced dependence on manual labor. Key technical features include having laser cutters, automated conveyors, and cobots, which are vision-enabled collaborative robots designed to work alongside employees.

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