IPEVO Introduces Uplift Magnetic - A More Versatile and Sturdier Magnetic Multi-Angled Arm for iPhone 12 and Above Models

IPEVO Introduces Uplift Magnetic

Sunnyvale, CA, April 08, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Having video calls with friends, meeting with clients online, conducting classes over the Internet, following demonstration videos to bake a cake, dining while watching a movie, filming time-lapse… There are many occasions when people want to use their phones without holding it in their hands. That is when IPEVO’s brand new Uplift Magnetic Multi-angled Arm comes into play.

Built with the strongest N52 magnet, Uplift Magnetic provides powerful magnetic force to smartphones weighing up to 0.66lb. The base features a solid aluminum alloy design, maximizing its stability and sturdiness, allowing users to single-handedly mount a phone to the stand without having to worry about it shaking or tipping over.

Uplift Magnetic comprises three joints that can be adjusted to different angles independently and a 360-degree rotatable magnetic mount, Uplift Magnetic allows the angles and heights to be adjusted freely and with ease. At work, users can easily switch the phone between portrait and landscape orientations to show a paper draft or book page on the desk during a conference call; at home, they can view a teaching video clip comfortably without lowering their head. These are just a few examples to show the convenience and flexibility Uplift Magnetic offers to its users.

While iPhone 12 or above users can enjoy the convenience brought by Uplift Magnetic directly because of the built-in magnetic features; users of other phone models can attach the complimentary round magnetic sticker to their phone cases to use Uplift Magnetic.

Uplift Magnetic is available for USD 89 at Amazon. Feel the versatility it offers now.

For more information, please visit https://www.ipevo.com/products/uplift-magnetic
Oscar Tu