Justice Tax and Safety Justice League Partner to Bring Entertaining Education to Their Audiences

Jacksonville, FL, April 24, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Justice Tax is excited to announce our latest partnership with Safety Justice League! Safety Justice League is a brand and podcast that focuses on creating informative and entertaining content pertaining to the safety industry. Despite their niche market, any person can find entertainment within the segments of the Safety Justice League podcast as the hosts provide facts, fun, and frivolity, to the ears of listeners everywhere.

When Justice Tax discovered Safety Justice League and learned that their goal was creating accessible education for their industry, Justice Tax knew they had to build a relationship with them. Despite their differing business models, Justice Tax and Safety Justice League share a common goal – promoting safety, knowledge, and wellbeing within their respective industries. Much like Safety Justice League creates targeted content for figures within their field, Justice Tax aims to do the same for taxpayers nationwide, arming them with assistance and information to protect them from the looming threat of the IRS.

About Safety Justice League 

When Abby Ferri, Jason Lucas, and Jason Maldonado were introduced by a mutual friend in their industry, they were instant pals. The connection flowed immediately, and they knew that the energy within their trio was something special. After growing their relationships with one another, the trio eventually decided to take their collective knowledge and turn it into content. All accomplished writers, Ferri, Lucas, and Maldonado bring the latest in safety information to the table, along with an effervescent connection that only comes naturally between true friends.

“What Safety Justice League is doing is really cool,” said Joe Valinho, Founder and President of Justice Tax. “They’re taking something that may be perceived as complex or uninteresting, and turning it into spectacular content,” he continued. “Taxes are very similar in that not a lot of people fully understand them or want to talk about them. Justice Tax was inspired by Safety Justice League to continue educating and protecting our clients, all while treating them as old friends.”

About Justice Tax, LLC 

Incorporated in 2000, Justice Tax, LLC and its predecessors continue our mission to help consumers achieve financial freedom from tax issues. For the past two decades, the founders of Justice Tax, LLC assisted consumers with financial struggles. We have facilitated over $2.2 billion of financial obligations for over 20,000 individuals. There is nothing more important to us than our relationship with our clients. Each interaction we share with our clients is held with the care we would expect ourselves. We strive for complete satisfaction every time – Truth, Justice, and Liberty for all. Call Justice Tax today at 888-216-7213.
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