Machine Learning-Powered Proctoring Tool, now Powers Assessments for Corporate and Government Institutions

The need for conducting tests does not just lie with educational institutions, there are several other bodies that carry out preliminary assessments. With it comes a need to ensure that such tests are cheat-proof. Enter, a proctoring solution that supports proctoring needs for any and all institutions.

Princeton, NJ, April 27, 2022 --( The concept of assessments is common in private and public sector institutions and companies. For example, candidates looking for jobs in corporations or government institutions need to clear several aptitude tests to get shortlisted for job interviews. Additionally, government agencies conduct licensing exams for driving and other purposes. Similarly, nearly all major private companies conduct tests to upskill their employees. Such institutes tend to follow a hybrid assessment model — a combination of offline tests for on-site test-takers and online ones for remote candidates — to include candidates from as many locations and time zones as possible. To optimize the credibility and authenticity of such tests, such bodies seek the services of proctors. Now, the creators of uLearn, an online assessment proctoring platform, have announced that the AI-powered tool can be used for assessments conducted by corporations as well as governments.

The AI-powered proctoring tool is compatible with any Learning Management System used by such bodies for assessments and upskilling initiatives. uLearn's LTE capabilities enable the platform to integrate seamlessly across platforms. Additionally, uLearn can be used by test-taking candidates on any computing platform, such as Windows, Mac, and others.

To make tests cheat-proof, the platform employs a machine learning and computer vision-based approach. During a test, the AI algorithms monitor the test behaviour of candidates through the front camera on their computer or laptop. The platform issues a warning to such test-takers if they attempt any unfair means to score well in an assessment. After multiple unheeded warnings, the candidate will be disbarred from the assessment. More importantly, the platform provides the provision for a human proctor to be present during assessments. The human proctor can make judgement calls in case of difficult situations in which the algorithms incorrectly flag a candidate for cheating in such assessments.

Despite the continuous monitoring, the platform does not invade a test-taker’s privacy. This is achieved by using an AI (autonomous) tool for candidate monitoring and keeping human involvement to a bare minimum. Additionally, the algorithms of the app have been configured to avoid discrimination against candidates on the basis of their race or possible disability. This attribute is useful for private and public assessment takers as it prevents instances of algorithmic racism and discrimination against the disabled.

Speaking about the development, Jeenal Ganatra, Marketing Head, uLearn, said, “uLearn’s forte is its adaptability regarding different sectors. By opening the possibility of uLearn being used for corporate entities and government assessments, we are transforming the way in which candidates are evaluated via hybrid tests in such ecosystems.”
Jeenal Ganatra
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