Webswing 22.1 Release

22.1 Features Explained: New Webswing version 22.1 has plenty of new features and main focus was put on supporting JAVA 17. Webswing 22.1 is now officially out and available for download at webswing.org/downloads.

Dublin, Ireland, May 03, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Webswing is pleased to announce the 2022 spring release.

Features released in April 2022 with Webswing 22.1 version.

There are some of the key ones listed below:
- Java 17 support
- Optimizations for high latency and low speed connections
- Jide docking framework support
- Use Clipboard Api as default
- Window shape and transparency support
- WebView focus traversal
- Touch improvements
- Recording and mirroring improvements
- Admin Console improvements
- Test Tool improvements

As a new version of release 22.1 came out in April 2022. Webswing would like to provide some more information about the features it has brought to users.

Webswing 22.1 released with added and improved features:
Java 17 support
Webswing 22.1 version is mainly focused on Java 17. This is a key of all the features of the newest version of release.

Back in 2021, the Oracle released Java 17. In new release, Webswing team is following the release plan of Java. This is the main reason of why 22.1 comes with Java 17 support and is also Lts version that Webswing is going to support for years to come.

Optimizations for high latency and low speed connections
Team of Webswing also remade optimizations for high latency and low speed connections. Now, customers can have their special adjustment in algorithm taking care of handling communication on high latency and low bandwidth environment. It brings excellent performance, better stability and user experience enhancements.

These adjustments are handled automatically. A special "Latency Optimized Rendering" parameter could be switched on in high latency environments to further optimize the app’s performance. Super optimizations are performed by decreasing image quality in low bandwidth environments, in order to ensure the required performance of applications running on Webswing. All adjustment could be easily performed in Webswing Admin Console.

Jide docking framework support
Jide docking framework support has been greatly improved by the Webswing team.
The Jide Docking Framework is a very powerful tool - useful for dockable window solution.
This feature has a huge meaning for lots of customers and company brings it in response to customers’ request.

Use Clipboard Api as default
An additional configuration of using Clipboard Api as default is now available. The function of Copy&Paste has been enabled by default. Directly copying from Webswing to local system is now much more straightforward. Furthermore, it does not require double confirmation from user.
(feature available for latest versions of browsers)

Window shape and transparency support
Webswing users can now benefit from multiple settings regarding the translucency of opened windows and tooltips. This minor feature, yet can significantly improve user experience.

WebView focus traversal
Webswing created a unique seamless switching between the Swing controls and html controls loaded in WebView with "tab button." This once again improved a streamline user interaction with applications running in Webswing.

Touch improvements
Now, clients of Webswing can also try improved zooming and scaling on handheld devices. Moreover, the application pinching on smaller displays is more seamless and precise which once again brings a better user experience.

Recording and mirroring improvements
By adding more settings and parameters in Admin Console, recording and mirroring become more manageable by admin.

Admin Console improvements
The Webswing’s team is constantly working on improvements in Admin Console. This release got essential bug fixes and general improvements. Every single update of Admin Console comes with gorgeous design which is just a bonus to functionalities that it provides.

Test Tool improvements
General bug fixes, improvements and yet another incremental update for newer version of Test Tool.

The Webswing 22.1 comes with many other minor features and improvements that found its way into this version.

Feel free to download and test Webswing 22.1 for free at webswing.org/downloads.
Webswing appreciates clients' opinion. The experience of clients with Webswing is what helps Webswing team to build the most reliable solution for running Java applications in the web browser.

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