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Vitex Expands Product Line, Launches High-Speed, Low Power Active Electrical Cables

Leading fiber optics supplier based in New Jersey introduces high-speed Active Electrical Cables, cost-effective alternative to Active Optical Cables.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, April 29, 2022 --( Vitex LLC, a leading provider of fiber optic transceivers and components, announced today the company is expanding its product offerings for customers and introducing an exclusive cutting-edge new product line, Active Electrical Cables (AECs).

AECs are a cost-effective alternative to traditional cables like active optical cables (AOCs) which are constructed of pure fiber and/or direct attach cables (DACs) which are constructed of copper. AECs combine many benefits of AOCs and DACs while mitigating potential disadvantages.

According to Richard Witte, Sales Manager, Vitex, “I am truly excited about this new product. It has the capability to transmit signals greater distances than DACs and it’s more flexible, able to bend in small spaces. It also has fewer connectivity problems: it provides greater compatibility with other electronics or plug-and-play capabilities, sparing customers many headaches when using different electronics components. While it cannot transmit as far as an AOC, it is a cost-effective, energy-saving alternative for customers that don’t require the long distances of an AOC.”

Vitex’ hot pluggable 400G AEC runs on PAM4 SoC (system-on-a-chip) technology with 8 lanes of 53.125 Gb/s in each direction over a length of 7m. It achieves an aggregated data rate of 425 Gb/s and employs low-power, high-performance digital signal processing. Benefits include lower power consumption (our AEC consumes up to 75% less power than optical fiber cables and excellent bit error performance of 1E-8.

· 8 lane 56G PAM 4 modulation (Host is NRZ)
· 4 ns latency
· 4.5 W per cable end
· Gauge 32 AWG @2.5m, 30 AWG @ 5M, 28 AWG @ 7m
· BER <1E-15 (post FEC), <1E-8 (pre FEC) @ 7m
· DDM over I2C / CMIS 3.0/4.0 compliant
· Interconnect densities of 500 cables per rack
· 3cm bending radius for easy fiber management

Vitex joins a handful of fiber optics suppliers that currently offer this exclusive product line to customers. AECs are best suited for data center and high performance computing (HPC) applications.

About Vitex
Vitex, founded in 2003, is a leading supplier of fiber optics products and solutions. Based in northern NJ, the company works closely with manufacturers and photonics designers to service US-based customers in datacom, telecom, military, and medical industries. Vitex’ skilled staff of highly trained engineers are knowledgeable and discerning about new product offerings, can articulate their capabilities and can provide technical advice and solutions customized to business needs.
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