Provectus Transforms UI for Apache Kafka with New Features and Enhancements in v0.4 Release

Provectus, a Silicon Valley artificial intelligence (AI) consultancy, is excited to announce the release of UI for Apache Kafka v0.4. The updated version of this free, open-source web UI comes with new features for smart filtering, live message tailing, and handling functionality of topics. It includes crucial improvements and enhancements designed to help developers optimize the monitoring and management of Apache Kafka clusters.

Palo Alto, CA, May 05, 2022 --( UI for Apache Kafka enables developers to efficiently monitor data flows, identify data issues, and report any detected inconsistencies.

The lightweight UI makes it easy to observe key metrics of Apache Kafka clusters, including Brokers, Topics, Partitions, Production, and Consumption, without having to use additional CLI tools. This results in faster reporting, reduced time to resolution and minimal engineering silos, making the development process more efficient.

The v0.4 of UI for Apache Kafka represents a major upgrade to the v0.3 release.

New Features Added in UI for Apache Kafka v0.4:

Smart filters

Live message tailing

Ability to clone topic functionality

Ability to recreate topic functionality

Support of local environments without internet access

As requested by the community, the KSQL functionality of the service was completely overhauled, to provide a more precise and interactive interface for handling data in Apache Kafka.

Additional Enhancements Implemented in UI for Apache Kafka v0.4:

Kafka Connect — Added basic authentication support

Zookeeper — No longer required for access

Schema registry — Added view for comparing schema versions

LDAP — Admin authentication and search filters implemented

Schema registry — Search and pagination implemented

Consumers — Sorting and pagination implemented

Topics — Sorting by size implemented

They continued to work on UI/UX improvements that can help engineers to more precisely manage their tasks in UI for Apache Kafka.

From a quality assurance perspective, the v0.4 release prioritized fixing bugs related to topics and messages, including pagination fixes, message viewing, and duplication.

Provectus will continue to improve the UI for Apache Kafka tool by adding new features and enhancing existing ones, to reduce pressure on engineers to hustle, and to accelerate the delivery of the AI/ML, data and analytics solutions they are working on.

To learn more about the UI for Apache Kafka project, check out the GitHub page.

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