Home Buying Institute Now Offers Free Real Estate Articles to Agents

Real estate publisher and home buying expert Brandon Cornett has created a new website that allows real estate agents to republish a variety of real estate articles for free.

Round Rock, TX, August 23, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Brandon Cornett, creator of the Home Buying Institute website, wants to share his knowledge with real estate agents across the United States. He recently launched a new website that gives real estate and mortgage professionals direct access to free real estate articles they can republish onto their own websites.

The move is part of an overall effort to improve the level of education consumers receive on real estate matters. The free real estate articles are produced by the editors of the Home Buying Institute, and then made available on a user-friendly website where agents can shop, select and republish the articles as they wish.

Article topics include:

* General home buying advice for first-time buyers
* Tips on improving credit scores before buying
* Information on the various mortgage loans
* A special section for homeowners and sellers

Cornett explained his motivations for launching the free article center:

"These days, a lot of the real estate information you find online falls into one of two categories. The information is either outdated, and therefore useless, or it's published by somebody with a vested interest in one-sided information. There is a serious lack of quality, objective information for consumers. So we are trying to fill that void."

In truth, Cornett has been publishing home buying and mortgage-related information for several years, through his Home Buying Institute website. But the idea of a free article "store" for real estate agents only came recently.

"Traffic to the Home Buying Institute [website] mainly consists of home buyers. But I have another site that gets mostly real estate agents as visitors. For years, I've been looking for a way to expand our informational network. I'm almost embarrassed that it took so long for the light bulb to come on, and for me to connect the dots between the two audiences."

Cornett now channels the home buying articles from one website onto another website, where real estate agents can freely republish the content onto their own websites and blogs. So by merging the two audiences, he hopes to offer his educational material to a larger audience of home buyers and mortgage shoppers.

"I hate to use this cliche," said Cornett, "but it's the classic win-win-win situation. Real estate agents get free content for their websites, and simply have to link back to the source. Consumers gain access to quality information on the home buying process. And we get to increase awareness for our consumer-education websites."

Learn More or Get Free Articles

Brandon Cornett is the publisher of several real estate information websites.
But for the convenience of those who wish to republish articles, he has consolidated the "best of the best" onto one website. Real estate and mortgage professionals who wish to learn more about this free service should visit the following website:

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