Harness in the Box – A New Offering from Amphenol SOCAPEX for Military and Commercial Aerospace Markets

Thyez, France, May 07, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Amphenol SOCAPEX has recently unveiled innovative and high-performance interconnect assembly solutions inside electronic boxes called "Harness in the Box," that will find its applications in the Military and Commercial Aerospace segments.

These solutions are specifically designed to operate in harsh environment. They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance while providing substantial weight reduction.

The new offerings include:
Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Solutions
Amphenol SOCAPEX offers flexible printed circuit solutions that increase design flexibility than standard PCB designs. FPC solutions also enable higher circuit density and offer tremendous reductions in size and weight. They also help in managing large number of electrical connections in a small package or wiring with controlled impedance.

Key Features:
· More options and design flexibility than standard PCB designs
· Crosstalk and impedance can be predicted and controlled
· Size, space and weight reductions
· Fast assembly

Fiber Optic Interconnect Solutions inside the Box
Based on the optical and mechanical requirements of the cable assembly, Amphenol SOCAPEX engineers can develop end – to – end interconnect solutions owing to their design creativity and deep understanding of harsh environment.

Key Features:
· Turnkey solution from high-speed opto-electronic modules (transceivers) to the I/O connector
· Provide substantial weight reduction, simplified installation, and minimal maintenance
· Dedicated engineering team to meet customer's design requirements

Electrical Cable and Wire Solutions inside the Box
Amphenol SOCAPEX electrical cable and wire solutions inside the box are focused on supporting military and commercial aerospace markets. With a large range of connectors for harsh environment, the engineering staff is ready to assist customers with any new design project from connector selection to full cable assembly design.

Key Features:
· Overmolding capabilities to create strong and sealed junction between the connectors and cable

· Cost effective and reliable custom solutions

“The main goal of Harness in the Box activity is to provide turnkey solution for all types of interconnections inside electronics boxes to our customers in military and aerospace markets. With our focus on simplicity, efficiency and innovation, this product is a collaborative work between Amphenol divisions.” -Taha DABBABI, Application Engineer & Harness in the Box Activity Manager

· Avionics
· Control Systems
· Naval
· Ground Vehicles
· Missile Systems
· Radar Systems
· Launcher

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