FINSTICK Innovations Launches the Augmented Geomarketing Tool as Part of the Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ Ecosystem

FINSTICK Innovations have integrated the Augmented Geomarketing tool into its disrupting Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ rewards and feedback ecosystem.

Moscow, Russia, May 08, 2022 --( The COVID-19 pandemic has given a noticeable friction to retail proximity services. In the post-COVID "new normality," people have started to avoid crowded areas of large shopping malls, which are facing decreased customer flows. This trend has already had a negative impact on the implementation and use of proximity and geolocation marketing systems, designed on the high density of visitors to shopping areas and malls.

"Responding to the retail market transformation, answering the emerging needs of consumers and business, we have added the Augmented Geomarketing feature to the disrupting Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ ecosystem.

"I hope that in the upcoming summer vacation season, thousands of retail outlets, hotels, rental-apartment owners, as well as manufacturers, farmers and oter retailers will discover new opportunities for business development through direct local sales provided by the innovative LiqBon™ ecosystem," pointed out Juli Kuznetsov, CEO of FINSTICK Innovations.

The concept of Augmented Geomarketing relies on maps for real time communication with motivated buyers. Unlike the common proximity marketing solutions, the Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ ecosystem allows participants to spread the coverage area from shopping centers to districts, cities, or regions. Therefore, retail business shall get the opportunity of establishing direct contact with potential customers in the conditions of extended coverage and supplemented marketing channel.

FINSTICK Innovations continues to develop the Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ as the world's first universal and independent digital incentive token aimed at electronic tips, rewards, bonus points and promotions, as well as the emerging marketing opportunities associated with this disrupting tool. FINSTICK Innovations is opened to discuss cooperation opportunities with retail and digital professionals, as well as with potential partners interested in a new promising project.

About FINSTICK Innovations:
FINSTICK Innovations LLC is a startup focused on disruptive IT technology for the emerging fintech, blockchain, community management, and digital retail markets. Founded in 2017, FINSTICK Innovations relies on highly motivated professionals in cryptography, mobile payments, smart cards, telecommunications, and value-added services. With over twenty years of hands-on experience and several invention patents, our team is the bearer of the best Russian practices in software design, development, optimization, and integration of complex IT systems.

About the Liquid Bonus LiqBon™:
Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ is a digital token of gratitude, multipurpose electronic tips, a versatile non-expiring irrevocable reward point designed for individual rewards. It can also be efficient for retail customer acquisition campaigns, promotions, and even establishing loyalty systems roaming service.

Liquid Bonus™ works with a user-friendly mobile interface providing secure access to buyers' and sellers' LiqBon™ Pouches, as well as the frictionless exchange of reward points. LiqBon™ is fully independent, interoperable, and has no legacy loyalty program holding it back. As such, it is the Liquid Bonus™ that can consolidate the fragmented loyalty rewards market into a single and healthy ecosystem.

The "Mobie LiqBon™ Pouch" application for Android is immediately available for downloading
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