More Curricular Launches Early Writing Screener

The Early Writing Screener is the second app from More Curricular's Handwriting tools suite. This screener provides preschoolers aged 2 years and 8 months with a developmental check to evaluate their understanding of the differences between drawing and writing systems. With this information, parents and teachers can identify any early writing or literacy problems in children and provide them with the necessary support.

London, United Kingdom, May 12, 2022 --( According to a recent YouGov poll, teachers say half of new UK pupils are not "school ready" – with some unable to hold a pencil. The Early Writing Screener is a quick and easy check for parents to see if their toddler is on track for early writing success. The screener asks children to draw and write the names of four simple objects. Results from the test will indicate if the child understands the symbolic nature of language, a skill necessary in literate societies. It will also give parents advice on what they can do at home to help their child develop better writing skills. The Early Writing Screener was developed by More Curricular and is based on research on how children learn to write. It is recommended for children from age two years and eight months. “We carried out a screener for a child who was almost three years old,” Co-founder, Yvette Reinfor recalled, “She was bright and articulate. She could say and recognise all the letters in the alphabet, but she struggled to write them. Our screener revealed that she did not understand the outer form of writing. We gave her parents some simple steps to follow, and the problem was resolved within a few weeks.” By making use of this screener, children will be one step closer to developing strong writing skills that will help them throughout their academic careers.
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