Internet Lost & Found Numigo Goes Online

Koeln, Germany, May 21, 2008 --( Although every year millions and millions of items are found and returned at lost & found offices worldwide only a small part of them are given back to their owners. One of the reasons is that the search for lost goods is difficult and time-consuming. And most items do not reveal their owner. Numigo offers solutions for these problems with an innovative web service. Owners can get their valuables back with a mouseclick – convenient, fast and free.

Everybody knows the situation: Suddenly one cannot find the keys, the mobile phone or the expensive Ipod anymore. Normally there is no easy way of getting the valuables back, especially if you lose them while travelling. The internet service Numigo promises to facilitate the process of getting lost items back. The owner can easily be traced within seconds, no matter if the mobile phone is lost at an international airport or in a London cab. The only prerequisite is that the lost object is registered in Numigo’s database and tagged with an ID number. The object’s finder can contact the owner through Numigo’s mediated service. Both parties’ personal information is not revealed by Numigo.

Numigo also offers a tool to manage registered assets online. If an item is lost or stolen the inventory is a proof of ownership. Registered items can be marked free of charge with labels printed out from a computer or manually. Alternatively durable labels and tags can be purchased in Numigo’s webshop. Numigo’s service is extended step by step to offer tailor-made solutions for professional clients. Numigo’s services can be used worldwide.

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About Numigo:
The 24/7 lost&found Numigo was founded by Dr. Alexander Hars and Felicitas Sutor. The global service facilitates a secure and fast return of lost or stolen items to the rightful owner. The Numigo service is free.

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