BuyNatural Launches Free Online Marketplace Stores Program

BuyNatural releases a Free Online Stores Program for Natural, Organic, and Eco-friendly product companies. This is an important program for many small & medium companies looking to expand online yet are struggling to get noticed from a lack of money, knowledge, or time. The BuyNatural Marketplace, much like Amazon or eBay is offering this Free Stores program with the aim of supporting businesses up and down the eCommerce supply chain.

Sydney, Australia, May 21, 2022 --( BuyNatural announced today that it is launching a new FBS (Fulfulment by Seller) Program that provides Natural, Organic and Eco-Friendly product companies with a free Store within the BuyNatural Marketplace.

The BuyNatural Marketplace is one of Australia’s leading online marketplaces supporting Aussie businesses. Specifically, for Sellers of natural, organic and eco-friendly products across categories such as: health, wellness, food, beauty, pets, and gifts.

“The BuyNatural Marketplace is much like Amazon or eBay but specifically for Natural, Organic and Eco-Friendly product companies. We are seeing significant interest for these types of products, especially if they are Australian made over the past few year yet the smaller, emerging brands have not had a chance to gain their fair share of exposure and sale. By providing these small and medium producers with a Free Store in the Marketplace, we will help them to scale and grow their businesses through e-commerce,” said Dr. Mathew McDougall, Founder & CEO of BuyNatural.

“The new (Fulfulment by Seller) FBS Seller Program is designed for natural, organic and eco-friendly product businesses that have under 25 products, don’t mind packing their own orders and want to expand their online presence and grow their eCommerce sales,” McDougall said.

“When you buy from BuyNatural, you’re not just helping family run and smaller brands get noticed, you’re supporting every business and worker in the supply chain involved in getting your orders delivered.”

Dr. McDougall said, “Being able to offer a Free FBS Stores Program to some of the most exciting, yet less known brands is a win-win. We get to share with the BuyNatural shoppers, products most will never see and the Sellers will gain a new audience and sales channel with no risk or cost.”
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