Intiomale and Company Group's Statement Concerning the Rwanda Aggression in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Cape Town, South Africa, June 01, 2022 --( Intiomale and Company Group condemn Rwanda's military aggression against the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has tragic consequences for the peace effort in the Great Lakes region, the population, threatens the East African Community and other regional communities' economic growth, as well as the wildlife and environment when mountain gorillas are annihilated due to conflicts.

Intiomale and Company Group expresses its solidarity with the Democratic Republic of Congo people who are consistently suffering the consequences of this pandemic unrest in the region for several decades and with the Rwandan people who will also suffer the consequences of stigmatization and loss of business and opportunities and do not approve of its government actions.

Intiomale and Company Group and its partners are mobilized to provide resources and technical capacities in defence offset to the Congolese authorities in case of persisting aggression.

Intiomale and Company Group and its partners support sanctions put in place by the Democratic Republic of Congo and its partners and will implement them regardless of the consequences, currently being assessed, on its direct or indirect activities in Rwanda.

Intiomale and Company Group and its partners will no longer provide capital for new or existing projects in Rwanda, that includes the Bukeri and Kiruruma 5.

4MW mini-grid project pre-approved for US$17.5 million, and disinvest from the country until further notice.

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