BuyNatural Supports Beta A2 with American Baby Formula Shortage

Los Angeles, CA, June 03, 2022 --( BuyNatural announced today that it is supporting Beta A2 with its initiative to send quality Australian A2 baby formula directly to consumers in America, who are facing unprecedented shortages.

As the formula shortage continues to grip the US, many parents have been left struggling to access the product they rely on to feed their babies. According to US media reports, some US States are facing more severe shortages, including Tennessee, Texas, and Iowa where more than 50% of the top-selling products are out of stock.

“The BuyNatural Marketplace is much like Amazon or eBay but specifically for Natural, Organic, and Eco-Friendly product companies. We are proudly supporting Beta A2, one of our Marketplace Sellers’ that has stepped up to support American parents looking to purchase baby and infant milk powders. Given BuyNatural’s International logistics capabilities and Beta A2’s reliable supply of it’s A2 infant formula range, it makes perfect sense to collaborate in this mission,” said Dr. Mathew McDougall, Founder & CEO of BuyNatural.

“Australia is a global leader in quality baby formula products with world-class safety and biosecurity standards. Our Aim at Beta A2, is to produce a formula that supports babies and toddlers to be happy, healthy, and content to sleep well. We know this means happier, well-slept parents We are pleased to now share our products with US parents,” said Gill Burke, Co-Founder, and CEO of Beta A2 Australia.

Ms Burke stated, “American parents can simply go to our Beta A2 Store in the BuyNatural Marketplace, place an order for formula and have it delivered directly to their door. Standard or express shipping options are provided by Australia Post or select a faster International Courier. We understand the stress of not being able to buy formula in their local shops so offering an eCommerce option direct from Australia might be one way of helping them and creating an opportunity for an Australian business.”
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