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Bella’s Cookies Expands Food Allergy/Dietary Selection

A Delaware natural and organic cookie company is expanding their product offerings to include more specialty lines, including an expanded vegan cookie offering, more gluten free cookies, egg free cookies, dairy free cookies and agave sweetened cookies (suitable for diabetics).

Milton, DE, May 22, 2008 --( As the number of diagnosed food allergies continue to rise, food allergy sufferers are paying careful attention to the ingredients used in the foods they eat. This week, Bella’s Cookies of Milton has announced an expansion in their offerings of allergy-free and dietary restriction products, to meet the growing requests from those diagnosed with food allergies and those looking to limit certain ingredients.

Food allergies mainly result from reactions to wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish and shellfish; avoiding these allergies is often difficult, as the only solution is adhering to a strict food diet, free of any allergic triggers. A listing of ingredients clearly states what any product is made from, including sub-ingredients. As a natural and organic baking company, Bella’s Cookies has become a maven for treat-loving consumers with certain dietary restrictions. Recently, Bella’s has been filling more special request orders for those suffering from a particular food allergy. “If there is an allergy to a specific ingredient, we can easily create something delicious without using that trigger,” said Kelly Leishear (President of Bella’s Cookies). Birthday cakes with no eggs, gluten-free birthday cakes, gluten-free breads & sweet breads, and dairy free products are some of the most common requests. “Parents who have children with food allergies have come to know us as a place to call when they’re looking for something special, without compromising taste,” said Kelly “and kids are the toughest critics.” One of Bella’s newest creations is a gluten-free chocolate crème filled sandwich cookie, that is currently only available online. “We’ve wanted to create our version of this popular cookie for some time, but the question was how to make it different,” said Leishear “requests for more of Bella’s gluten-free products have been increasing; we experimented with this, and perfected it so that everyone can enjoy, whether they’re gluten-free or not.” Other products catering to those with dietary restrictions are an increased vegan selection (no eggs or dairy), more egg free offerings, a recently completed diabetic friendly line using organic agave nectar, and experimentation into niche lines such as macrobiotics. Bella’s will formally release their new organic agave oatmeal raisin cookie this summer, which contains 4 grams of sugar per cookie.

In addition to expanding their product offerings, visitors to the Bella’s Cookies website will find a new “food allergy” category on their homepage. For those that have been recently diagnosed or those who want to learn more, information can be found about specific food allergies, triggers, hidden ingredients, substitutions in recipes and links to additional websites. “We’ve always abided by a rule to create specific products only on specific days,” said Leishear “this eliminates any cross contamination of ingredients and enables us to confidently make available products that truly meet any customer’s needs; all finished in an regulated bakery.”

More information about Bella’s Cookies and Verdi Good, including ordering and a list of retailers can be found by visiting or by calling 302-684-8152.

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