Jedsy Launches New Malawi Drone Medical Delivery Mission Video on YouTube

Delivering Where It Matters, When It Matters.

Middletown, DE, June 22, 2022 --( The Jedsy drone company is using groundbreaking technology to save lives all over the world. Medical supplies are critical to provide the proper care patients need. Many countries, like Malawi, do not have the road, air, and freight infrastructure to get to the life-saving medical supplies they need. Jedsy delivers life-saving supplies needed for blood banks, medicines, and vaccines when it matters most to save lives. Drone technology will help to alleviate the issues of on-time medical supply deliveries and more. Jedsy has opened the first drone office in Malawi in the north of the country. A team of seven builds and operates Jedsy drones independently and is constantly expanding its team due to the increased demand for deliveries.

Herbert Weirather, CEO of Jedsy, already founded his first drone company, DCL (Drone Champions League) in 2016, and in 2019, he understood the importance of fast drone deliveries with the best customer experience and from this need, he founded the new company, Jedsy.

Jedsy founder Herbert Weirather explains: "The demand for fast, secure and reliable deliveries is becoming increasingly important in our fast-paced society. Our approach at Jedsy is therefore always 'Product is King' and 'Customer first.' Therefore, our requirement for a delivery drone is to outperform the status quo. So, we managed to develop an advanced delivery drone because we can land and charge directly at the building (for example at the window or balcony). This way, our customers don't have to free their packages from trees because they landed there by parachute, and they don't need a garden where the drone can land. Open the window and get the parcel out! Nothing more."

About Jedsy
Together with his co-founder, Mirko Cesena, Herbert Weirather has assembled a large team of experts and specialists in a short period of time to make the dreams of customer-friendly drone deliveries come true. Jedsy now has 5 branches and is currently reinventing the delivery drone experience 2.0. Thanks to a patented loading station, the drones operate in a decentralized network and are thus among the most cost-efficient delivery drones on the market.

Additional information about Jedsy can be found by visiting their websites and social media platforms.


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