Official Launch of - Search and Connect with an Enrolled Agent at Your Own Comfort

New York, NY, June 28, 2022 --( LLC is delighted to officially announce the launch of its site called This online platform allows taxpayers to search for and connect with a licensed Enrolled Agent for their tax services. is an online directory that comprises over 60,000 verified and experienced IRS Enrolled Agents who cut across the major cities in America. While the platform focuses majorly on Enrolled Agents, the other two IRS-recognized tax professionals, that is, the Certified Public Accountants and Attorneys, are not excluded. Simply put, is a tax-expert lookup where taxpayers can find certified tax professionals based on their locality and preferences at their convenience.

With a rise in the numbers of tax preparers and a concomitant increase in the activities of unscrupulous preparers, tax preparation services have generally become opaque. This inspired the Founder and CEO, Kenneth Omoruyi, to create a solution that aims not only to improve transparency in tax preparatory services but also to enable the public to make a more informed choice and to connect with licensed professionals. Only IRS-recognized tax experts are included on listings. directory is such that taxpayers can effortlessly search for an Enrolled Agent based on locality and retrieve details of a specific Enrolled Agent (including the type of tax services offered), among other search results, without hassles. Taxpayers can subsequently connect with a tax expert of choice whose services tallies with their tax needs via the on-site messenger. Aside from this, taxpayers can also benefit from the latest tax-related news, vast educative tax articles, and informative resources that will enlighten them on matters such as how to run a business, minimize tax bills, and how government policies might affect taxation, etc.

At present, over 750 taxpayers have benefited from using the platform to connect with tax experts for tax services. Currently, there are over 670 active Enrolled Agents on Over 1200 resources coupled with more than 50 articles are currently on-site at the public's disposal. With a strategic ambition to become the number one Enrolled Agent directory, the mission to give taxpayers the privilege to make a more informed choice and to connect with a certified tax expert at their convenience will remain unwavering.

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