The Olympics of Business

What business owners learn from champion athletes and their coaches can improve their own game.

Las Vegas, NV, May 22, 2008 --( An athlete’s journey in many ways is a metaphor for the hurdles faced by the average business owner.

The Olympic Games are universally associated with champions, as well as commitment and peak performance. These are the very same characteristics that businesses are constantly striving to achieve.

With the upcoming 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing (scheduled for August 8 - 24) just around the corner, business owners can learn important lessons from the discipline of Olympic champions.

One of the biggest lessons centers on the importance of coaching in pushing athletes to become champions.

For an athlete, coaching is a vital part of success. Not only do coaches guide and inspire, they also help an athlete develop a strategy and a plan to win.

Likewise, many business owners are turning to coaches to help guide their companies to greater success with a winning business plan.

Over the past several years, more people have recognized the similarities between the lives of athletes and business owners – which in turn has led to an increased demand for business coaching services.

In a recent study conducted by ActionCOACH, the pioneering business coaching firm, one in eight business owners said they would consider using the services of a business coach.

“Like every great athlete, an increasing number of business owners are now investing in business coaches to achieve big wins,” CEO and founder of ActionCOACH Brad Sugars says.

“Every athlete needs a sports coach to take their performance to the next level. It’s the same with business. If you want to succeed, you have to invest in a business coach. It’s really as simple as that.”

When Sugars founded ActionCOACH 15 years ago, he helped pioneer business coaching on a world-wide scale. Today, it is part of the world’s second-fastest growing industry – second only to information technology (IT).

Within a span of 15 years, ActionCOACH has developed 1000 franchises in 26 countries. “As the industry leader, we see the huge demand in the market for our services. Business owners need the kind of information and services we offer from a resource proven to grow their companies. There is great opportunity to help businesses of every kind grow and prosper,” he says.

ActionCOACH Business Coaches offer business owners a new way of thinking about their entire company – from marketing and IT to sales and accounting.

“Coaching helps create a different mindset in both the athlete and the business owner,” Sugars says. “It provides a fresh perspective – an outsider’s view, which is dispassionate and can truly lead to substantial improvements within the business.”

While a sports coach uses the premise from sports psychology that the mind controls the body, Business Coaches do much the same thing, showing business owners how to think differently about business and how to overcome obstacles in the way of success.

As outlined in the official Beijing Olympics 2008 publication, What Makes a Champion, the concept of motivation is all-pervading for athletes. It also drives the world of business. Athletes and business owners both need a coach to help guide and develop motivations, both external and internal, so each can win their respective “games.”

What Makes a Champion also looks at preparation in the form of practice and effort as a means of achieving excellence. At this level, a good coach pushes an athlete to go further in terms of running extra laps or spending more time working on specific skills.

Similarly, a Business Coach identifies strengths and weaknesses and works with a business owner to strengthen his knowledge-base or skills set in sales, marketing or hiring. The coach then holds an owner accountable to use the learning or new strategy and apply it to get the desired result.

Finally, the idea of “delivery” for an athlete is how he or she applies training in practice to the pressure and anxiety of actual competition.

For a business, this could mean delivering on a new ad campaign, or applying new customer service standards in a company that has historically lacked such a program.

In both cases, the quality of coaching helps determine the quality of delivery or the performance “result.”

“The same mindset applies in sports and in business,” Sugars says. “Performance on the field is largely determined by certain factors behind the scenes. Beyond the field of competition for every winning athlete, there is a great coach.

“And more than ever, behind every successful business is a great Business Coach.”

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