Roadmaster Provides Truck Driving Safety Awareness Training for Teens

Roadmaster Drivers School continues participation with the No-Zone campaign aimed at teaching teens how to safely avoid trucking accidents on the roads.

Tampa, FL, May 22, 2008 --( Ever catch yourself in the blind-spot of a semi-truck? An experienced driver knows the all–to–familiar anxiety that comes with moving through those dangerous blocks of real estate. But what about new drivers? Do they realize that driving in those troubling spots increases their risk of having an auto/truck related accident?

Addressing this issue head-on is the No-Zone campaign. The No-Zone Campaign was created in 1994 by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Office of Motor Carrier and Highway Safety (OMCHS) under the “Share the Road” program umbrella. It is designed to help educate inexperienced drivers about the vision constraints truck drivers have on the road. The “No-Zone” corresponds to the blind spots around trucks and busses. Raising awareness of these areas can help reduce the number of truck/passenger vehicle related crashes.

According to The Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS), Truck and Passenger Vehicle crashes accounted for approximately 36% of all truck crashes in 2005 (LTCCS Database, July 2005); the following year, 85,984 injuries were reported in crashes involving large trucks (the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) and the Motor Carrier Management Information System). The No-Zone campaign hopes to decrease these numbers by increasing awareness of these dangerous blind-spots that could be avoided.

Twice a year, Roadmaster Drivers School participates in the No-Zone campaign. Roadmaster, along with trucking companies that participate in the program, bring trucks and truck driving instructors to visit high schools all across the state of Florida to instruct students on sharing the road with large trucks. Students have the opportunity to sit in the truck driver’s seat, get hands-on experience viewing the truck’s blind-spots to see just how dangerous it can be to inhabit that space.

Roadmaster utilizes trailers showing the No-Zone Campaign decal and slogan, “Don’t Hang Out in the No-Zone” in their everyday training. Roadmaster brings the important message to all drivers while Roadmaster students are completing their behind-the-wheel training.

According to Tommy Thomas, Vice President of Industry Relations & Safety and Director of School Operations for Roadmaster Drivers School, “This is a program Roadmaster is proud to be involved in. Kids need to know how vitally important it is to learn to share the road with trucks.”

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