BOC Sciences Grandly Promotes: One-Stop CDMO Service Platform for Drug Development 

BOC Sciences recently initiated an unprecedentedly comprehensive CDMO service platform to accelerate the technology transfer of medicines from research to commercial production.

New York, NY, July 06, 2022 --( CDMO services are not new at BOC Sciences. Rather, as a reputed CDMO service provider, BOC Sciences has extensively contributed to the development and production of small molecules, oligonucleotides, peptides, various chemically coupled drugs, and labeled compounds. After going through a long preparatory phase, BOC Sciences now launches a brand-new CDMO platform that integrates its years of resources, techniques, and experience.

API & Intermediate Custom Development
Accompanied by 20+ years of project experience, BOC Sciences has developed a one-stop R&D service package that can compete in flexibility, variety, and cost performance. R&D services for APIs & Intermediates are highly concerned fields at BOC Sciences. Currently, its APIs & Intermediates mainly fall into two categories: featured APIs and patented original research drugs.

The synthesis of featured APIs is admittedly more challenging than that of general ones. "Much work has been done before we officially launch the platform, particularly the constant improvement in our facilities and techniques," the chief project manager of BOC Sciences acknowledges that they have made extra efforts to meet the demanding requirements of specialty API production. Thankfully, the pursuit of perfectionism leads to its success today. It is now able to provide major types of featured APIs like Angiotensin Receptor Blockers (ARBs) as well as one-stop related services such as synthetic route screening and process optimization of APIs. To meet the increasingly diverse needs, BOC Sciences can also tailor services for API & Intermediate development that will achieve higher quality results for researchers.

Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) Custom Development
BOC Sciences has successfully contrived dozens of ADCs with excellent efficacies. Its development and manufacturing supports refer to the screening and design of early ADC drug models, synthesis optimization, analysis of key process parameters, cGMP process development, and manufacturing linker-payload conjugations ranging from milligrams to grams.

There are two technology platforms deserving attention from researchers who are in search of professional ADC custom development assistance. BOC Sciences' industry-leading biological coupling technology platform is equipped with a large number of coupling strategies that can maintain structural integrity and homogeneity while controlling the location and quantity of small molecule drugs. Additionally, BOC Sciences has established a systematic impurity research system. The impurity control platform assures the lowest level of impurities by adding appropriate measures during the drug process development and scale-up.

Labeled Compound Custom Development
As for the labeled compound custom development, BOC Sciences also forms a set of mature operating systems. Its chemistry team can design synthetic routes, select the best radiolabel location, and synthesize various radiolabeled compounds. All achievements are inseparable from its multifunctional radiolabeled compound preparation platform that is equipped with the most advanced vacuum system, radioactive semi-preparative HPLC, and other instruments.

With consistent technological innovation and quality assurance, BOC Sciences believes its CDMO service platform will aid researchers in opening a new chapter for their causes. More information about this company's expertise, such as macromolecule custom development, can be acquired at

BOC Sciences is a certified CDMO partner that can facilitate most aspects of drug development. It has worked with numerous pharmaceutical and biotech companies to bring about positive changes in the pharma industry.
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