Digital Lion Helps Support Those in the Middle of Ukraine Conflict

Digital Lion, a professional web development, graphic design, and online marketing agency, is helping those in need in Ukraine and encouraging others to do the same.

Calgary, Canada, July 14, 2022 --( The conflict in Ukraine has left millions of people displaced, as they have fled to neighboring countries. There have also been thousands killed in the wake of the bombings. The war has largely fallen off the news front page and is barely being mentioned any longer. One Canadian-based digital marketing company, Digital Lion, wants people not to lose sight of what is happening and to do what they can to help the situation.

“At first, we were all glued to the news about this war and wanted to help,” explains Ryan Levin, owner of Digital Lion. “Now, what is going on seems lost in a sea of news. Yet millions of people are suffering all the same, and they need us not to forget what is going on."

With no end in sight, millions of Ukrainians need shelter, food, water, medical care, pet supplies, and other emergency assistance. Digital Lion is donating to help with these issues and encouraging others to do the same. While many places accept donations, caution should be exercised when choosing where to donate.

It's essential to choose a charity to donate to that has an excellent reputation for ensuring the funds are being put to good use helping the intended cause. By donating through (, people can take comfort in knowing that their funds are being given to legitimate charities that will, in turn, help with the Ukrainian crisis. The organization's funds help feed people in need with critical medical care, food, shelter, hygiene supplies, and other items. There are several places through them that provide urgent aid in Ukraine.

“At Digital Lion, we are committed to 'Designing a Better World®,” added Levin. “Helping the people in and fleeing Ukraine right now is a major step in doing that. Together we can all make a difference in their lives.”

Digital Lion started the Designing a Better World® program in 2013 when it pledged to donate 10% of its yearly profits to charitable organizations. Each year, they choose different organizations or issues to contribute to, with past donations focusing on helping with issues such as poverty. The company is also committed to being environmentally responsible. In doing so, they help people with their green design and marketing needs, including web design, digital marketing, graphic design, logo design, brochure development, and more. For more information, visit their site at:

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Based in both Alberta and Ontario, Canada, Digital Lion offers professional digital marketing, website design, and graphic arts services. The company's motto is "Designing a Better World®." They are an environmentally friendly company that offers green design and marketing options and green hosting solutions. A charitable organization, they help clients both big and small around the world with all their marketing and design needs. For more information, visit their site at:
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