360Rev Announced That It Will Soon Offer a Rewards-Based Crowdfunding Services

360Rev announced that it will soon offer rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns on its portal. The platform aims to help innovators/founders get the funding they need by providing discounts and special offer to its backers in exchange of their pledge.

Austin, TX, August 14, 2022 --(PR.com)-- 360Rev, a new player in crowdfunding, announced that it will soon offer rewards-based crowdfunding. The platform is currently in talks with various vendors and developers in regard to the operation of a rewards-based.

360Rev is a new platform that is aiming to help founders solve their problems in funding new technologies and ideas.

According to 360Rev, "The problems that a founder experiences in developing new products or technology is not only raising funds, but the possibility of losing control of the company in case of an equity-based fundraising and not having the ability to test its ideas before it hit production without spending too much."

In order to solve these problems, 360Rev has developed a platform that gives startups access to capital without giving up equity. With this new platform, founders are able to use crowd-sourced funding to build their product while also testing it in real-time with consumers and getting crucial feedback that it needs for development. They are able to do this by launching pre-order campaigns during which early adopters can pre-order products at discounted rates and then receive them once they become available for retail sale.

What is Rewards-based Crowdfunding?

Rewards-based crowdfunding is a way to raise money for a cause or project in exchange for rewards. These rewards can be a proto-type or pre-market release of a product or service that can be offered in exchange for a monetary pledge. And if enough people donate, the founder can get the money they need to bring their ideas to life. And at the same time, test how the idea/product appeals to their potential customers.

The platform believes that rewards-based crowdfunding can be a great tool for entrepreneurs to raise capital without having to give up any ownership of the company. It also gives founders access to capital that would otherwise be unavailable through traditional means, like banks or venture capitalists. And finally, it provides an opportunity for them to build and grow their customer base while simultaneously improving their product through feedback from those who use it!

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