deltAlyz Was Selected by Microsoft to Deliver on Their Behalf the Highly Popular One-Day Hands-on Workshop for Data Professionals to work with Power BI

deltAlyz provided an in-depth workshop on Microsoft Power BI on behalf of Microsoft to provide professionals with experience and information about the platform.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, September 07, 2022 --( The growth of business intelligence across the globe has been exponential over the years. One of the major tools for business intelligence is Microsoft Power BI, which has been an industry-standard solution for a variety of reasons. Recently, deltAlyz was selected by Microsoft to provide a one-day online workshop to provide information and practical experience about Power BI.

deltAlyz has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Analytics and Data Platform solutions for 2 years. The company has a great deal of experience working on a variety of solutions for businesses. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence are some of their core solutions for businesses of all sizes. They arrange workshops regularly to help professionals from different industries, such as tech, medicine, and finance to understand the fundamentals of Power BI and how they can incorporate them into their use case.

Regarding their workshop, a company spokesperson said, “We’ve customized our workshops to facilitate individuals from various industries. First, we explain the basics of Power BI and the benefits of data analytics, along with the advantages of the data that you extract from the software.Later on, we let them use the tool to become familiar with the various features and the layout in general. From there, we work on sample data to provide a practical demonstration of how Power BI generates results.”

deltAlyz offers various activities to the users so that they can have a thorough trial of Power BI for themselves and experience the tool for themselves. In the end, they conduct a Q&A session where the attendants are allowed to ask questions and resolve any queries that they might have. Many industries are adapting tools like Power BI for Digital Transformation & digital Feedback Loop, which deltAlyz emphasizes to allow companies to leverage the benefits of data analytics and business intelligence.

About the Company
deltAlyz is a Vancouver-based IT company that provides a wide range of solutions for big data analytics, B2B integration services, custom enterprise software solutions, cloud services, and many other options for businesses to take advantage of.

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