Stratoscope Creates L.I.S.T. Award to Honor Unrecognized Leaders in Security, Technology

Security and stadium design company Stratoscope launches the L.I.S.T. Award to honor leaders in security and technology.

West Palm Beach, FL, August 29, 2022 --( Frontline staff are the key to all security postures deployed in the sport & entertainment industry and not recognized as often as necessary for the critical roles they perform, says Stratoscope Founder & Managing Partner, Dan Donovan, who recently launched the Leaders in Security + Technology, or “L.I.S.T.,” Award. The award is granted each month to an under-recognized team member in sports and entertainment who exemplifies excellence and expertly applies their training in their role.

“Security staff are the key to safe events and venues,” said Paul Mathews, Ingressotek’s General Manager. “We hope that the L.I.S.T. Award will recognize those that want to have a positive impact on the industry as a whole.”

According to Calvin Graber, Stratoscope’s Vice President of Client Experience, staffing has become a major issue in the industry. “Post pandemic, we have seen those that used to work in the event industry move to other opportunities in industries that re-opened before events came back and many that are not working that 2nd or 3rd job that the temporary staffing industry needs.

Steve Sawyer, Director of Hospitality and Event Services at Target Center, says he agrees.

“When it comes to people’s safety, there’s no room to get it wrong,” Sawyer says. “Other peoples’ lives are in our security team’s hands, and we usually have one chance to get it right. Policies and planning are important, but in the end it’s the people on the front lines who stop the threats. We have to acknowledge that so they know we appreciate their hard work and dedication.”

Nominees of the monthly award must reflect specific criteria, such as commitment to event and venue security, peer-to-peer collaboration and communication, demonstrated leadership in the field, positive attitude and perspective, and outstanding overall performance. Winners will be selected based on their roles, efforts and achievements.

“CSOs and Directors are celebrated every day. It’s the frontline staff that gets forgotten,” said Donovan, who employs dozens of security professionals and works with numerous venues across the country. “Ultimately, it’s our boots on the ground who are making those tough split-second decisions that ensure everyone’s safety. It’s time we call them out and celebrate them for their hard work.”

“Retaining good talent is always a challenge, and these past two years were particularly difficult,” says Joe Coomer, vice president, security, AMB Sports and Entertainment. “It’s important for staff to feel valued and recognition is a key driver of that. I think the L.I.S.T. Award will be a great way to show the impact it makes to the industry and to recognize security excellence.”

In August, the first L.I.S.T. Award was granted to Pierre Frelix who made headlines in April 2022 for his swift action in restraining a protester during the Minnesota Timberwolves game at Target Center.

Even before the game began, Frelix was on high alert. Colleagues said he noticed that the fan in question was wearing unusual attire for a guest in a high-profile courtside seat. Once Frelix contacted the ticketing department, he learned that the guest had a suspicious email address. At that point, he took a seat near the guest and waited. After half-time, the animal rights protester tried to storm the court, where Frelix swiftly restrained her.

“There were less than 20 seconds from the time the protester got out of her seat until she was cleared from the court,” said Sawyer, who described Frelix as quiet and respectful. “People want to know how he reacted so fast, but the truth is that he already knew what to watch for and he’d been ready for that moment for a while. Pierre is a perfect example of why it's important to hire the right people and trust them to do their jobs.”

Frelix’s actions can be viewed in Bleacher Report’s “Fans Storm The Court During The Timberwolves-Grizzlies Game” video on YouTube.

Sawyer also said that, due to the team’s schedule, staff did not have the time to give Frelix the celebration he deserved, and that he hopes the L.I.S.T. Award will be the recognition that frontline workers like Frelix deserve.

In addition to a custom aluminum award, recipients also receive a gift card and a recognition on Stratoscope’s website, on social media and via email to thousands of industry professionals.

Donovan said he hopes the award, monetary reward and recognition will boost morale, bring some positivity and increase team retention across the security industry.

Nominations for future award recipients may be submitted at For more information, email or call (754) 247-6824.
Dan Donovan
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