BOC Sciences Yields Peptide-siRNA Conjugates of High Quality

BOC Sciences offers high-quality peptide-siRNA conjugates to help clients achieve substantial preclinical progress for RNAi therapeutics.

New York, NY, September 07, 2022 --( BOC Sciences offers synthesis and conjugation of siRNA to the targeted peptide with high quality and yield, hoping to help researchers achieve substantial preclinical progress for RNAi therapeutics.

The peptide-siRNA conjugation technology uses peptide as a carrier for nucleic acids to bring short siRNA into the body, thus exerting the gene silencing effect of siRNA specifically toward target genes and achieving therapeutic purposes. The innovative covalent conjugates can avoid many shortcomings of siRNA, i.e., instability, a large molecular weight that limits its sufficient permeation toward the cell membrane of target cells, etc. Therefore, peptide-siRNA complexes have been used for targeted therapy of tumors.

BOC Sciences is in possession of various peptides and other raw materials, allowing researchers to select peptides for targeted delivery of siRNA molecules. According to its standard conjugation route, experts of BOC Sciences will design, synthesize, and purify siRNA molecules and then conjugate siRNAs with peptides to form peptide-siRNA conjugates based on target genes. Upon isolation and purification of conjugates, each biopolymer may move on to further sequence integrity monitoring via PAGE or mass spectrometry analysis.

QC (quality control) and QA (quality assurance) procedures are also carried out independently to guarantee the highest quality of every delivered conjugate. In addition, dedicated technical managers of the company will guide customers’ projects through every step of the process while constantly keeping them informed with the latest project progress.

“We are exploiting our suite of delivery technologies to enable efficient delivery of siRNA to even broader tissue types throughout the human body,” said the technical manager of BOC Sciences. “We hope our expertise and experience will assist our researchers in creating innovative peptide-siRNA conjugates in a variety of diseases and unlock new therapeutic opportunities.”

As a leading CRO in the preclinical stage, BOC Sciences leverages its drug delivery systems and capabilities of siRNA synthesis & modification to identify novel ligands against the selected target receptors, thus facilitating the delivery of drug payloads for a broad range of tissues and cells.

About BOC Sciences
In possession of over 10 drug delivery systems, BOC Sciences is pioneering RNA technology and collaborating with pharmaceutical partners around the world to translate RNA interference (RNAi) into promising medicines. Having been recognized with the 2006 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, RNAi therapy represents a powerful, clinically validated approach for the treatment of a wide range of severe and debilitating diseases. BOC Sciences will make every effort to help simplify and accelerate researchers’ drug discovery and disease treatment research.
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