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High Cholesterol Effectively Treated with Lipase Enzyme Supplements

Consumers and health professionals can learn how lipase enzyme supplements, probiotics, and changes in lifestyle can effectively normalize high cholesterol from “Digestive Wellness” author Elizabeth Lipski, PhD, CCN

Asheville, NC, April 01, 2006 --( Consumers and health professionals can learn how lipase enzyme supplements can strengthen the digestive process and effectively normalize high cholesterol. According to Dr. Liz Lipski, nationally-known nutritionist and author of “Digestive Wellness”, there is no single cause for high cholesterol, rather several underlying causes including:

• Your genetics and family history
• Being overweight
• Living a sedentary lifestyle
• Having health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hypothyroid, insulin resistance, and kidney disease.
• Making poor food choices; bad fats, processed foods, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, lack of whole foods.
• Cigarette smoking
• Some medications
• And getting older

If you have high cholesterol, you are not alone. Over 37% of adult Americans have high cholesterol; and it’s a silent problem that is one of your risk factors for heart disease. The higher your LDL cholesterol, the higher your risk of disease. For most of us, LDL (low density lipoprotein) levels above 130 tell us to make some changes in lifestyle. High levels of HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) are protective, helping clean plaque from our arteries. The more damage there is to the arterial walls, the more plaque will form. Clinical work at the Transformation Enzyme Corporation now reveals that most high cholesterol sufferers respond well to treatment with lipase enzyme supplements because lipase control and remove fats, such as LDL cholesterol, from our blood and helps reduce the absorption of dietary cholesterol.

Dr. Lipski gives the following tips to address high cholesterol:

• Increase dietary fiber to bind cholesterol. Adding beans to your diet regularly can reduce cholesterol levels by up to 15%.
• Eat a rainbow of foods to increase your antioxidant and flavonoid levels.
• Probiotics have been shown to reduce serum cholesterol levels. Eat more fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, yogurt and kefir; and also take probiotic supplements.
• Take lipase enzymes with each meal. Lipase enzymes help break down the fats in our cholesterol.
• Protease enzymes taken twice daily on an empty stomach will help break down the protein portion of the cholesterol.
• Use natural cholesterol lowering substances such as: guggul, niacin, garlic, lecithin, artichoke, red rice yeast, bladder wrack, policosanol, Syntrinol and others
• Control your stress. Exercise, relax, get plenty of sleep, engage in hobbies, and spend time in nature.

Find more information on how to treat high cholesterol with enzyme supplements by visiting the enzyme section at Healthcare professionals can visit for more information.

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