Activate Brain & Body Opens Flagship Brain & Body Fitness Center Combining Neuroscience & Exercise Science for a Stronger Body & More Resilient Brain

The unique Activate program combines neuroscience, exercise science, Certified Brain Health Trainers, and state-of-the-art equipment to create personalized action plans that can help members get a stronger body and a more resilient brain. The cornerstone of the Activate program is Dual-Task Training, which is when the brain and body are exercised simultaneously – a technique that can be more effective at improving memory and attention than working the brain and body separately.

Cincinnati, OH, September 14, 2022 --( Activate Brain & Body Holdings, Inc. is celebrating the Grand Opening of the first-of-its-kind brain and body fitness center at 9301 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati on September 21, 2022, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Years of research and trial programs have helped the Activate team develop comprehensive, personalized programs that empower members to take charge of the way their brains and bodies function over time.

According to its leadership, familiar fitness options do not provide the type of science-based program and equipment nor the specially trained staff that are critical to the offerings at Activate Brain & Body. “For various reasons, whether it’s a family history of dementia, general health concerns, or a desire to extend current healthy years, people are looking for solutions that just don’t exist,” said John Spence, Activate Brain & Body CEO and president. “Since our soft opening this past summer, the response to Activate has exceeded our expectations. It’s so rewarding when members tell us their favorite time of the week is the time they spend at Activate.”

Activate Brain & Body marries historically accepted cardio, strength, and mobility exercises with the latest developed techniques and technologies to connect with -- and strengthen -- the brain. “The number one thing you can do for your long-term brain health is to exercise,” says Marie Stoner, clinical psychologist, and Activate chief science officer and co-founder. “Research clearly supports that physical exercise builds both body and brain health.”

The cornerstone of the Activate program is Dual-Task Training, which is when the brain and body are exercised simultaneously. According to Stoner, “Evidence supports that working your brain and your body simultaneously is more effective at improving memory and attention than working your brain and body separately.”

For decades, brain experts have been studying and reporting what can be done to slow cognitive decline, and Activate Brain & Body has operationalized those learnings and incorporated them into an expanded offering for its members. In addition to Dual-Task Training sessions, members can also partake in sessions promoting flexibility, mobility, and relaxation, receive habit-based nutrition support, and enjoy members-only events such as salsa dancing lessons and Game Night. “The entire staff looks forward to these events just as much as our members do,” says Spence.

“Our hope is to get people thinking about -- and activating -- their brains for better overall health and fitness,” Spence added.

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Alison Kal
The Cognitive Circuit at Activate Brain & Body

The Cognitive Circuit at Activate Brain & Body

Dual-Task Training on their T-Wall and SMARTfit board is paired with strength and cardio during The Cognitive Circuit.