A New Proctoring Journey Begins for uLearn and Kensington College of Business

Setting its foot in the United Kingdom, uLearn partners with Kensington College of Business for its Online Exam Proctoring Needs.

Princeton, NJ, September 22, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Expanding its reach to UK, uLearn is looking forward to help Kensington College of Business, the leading provider of high-quality business management courses since 1982 in conducting cheat-proof online proctored exams.

Educational institutions across the world changed their way of working due to COVID-19. Students and teachers quickly adapted to virtual classrooms vis-a-vis in-person ones. However, with the pandemic slowly getting in control, schools and colleges have started hybrid learning. This means a mix of in-person and online examinations, and can be especially challenging to monitor without online exam proctoring. Kensington College of Business in the UK are of the same opinion, which is why they have partnered with uLearn as we offer superior proctor software for exams.

Established in 1982, Kensington College of Business was set up with the goal of providing high quality business management courses. They offer full- and part-time courses in Marketing, CIM, Business Management, ABE, Corporate Administration, ICSA, and Banking, and CIB. With teaching quality at the helm of operations, it quickly became a renowned institute where students were being sponsored by global companies to come, learn, and grow. It has been delivering undergraduate and postgraduate courses of prominent British Universities – namely Wales, Glamorgan, Hertfordshire, Portsmouth, and Thames Valley, among others. It is noteworthy that they use a Learning Management System (LMS) called Moodle that integrates seamlessly with uLearn’s proctor software for exams.

LMS is a platform through which students at Kensington College of Business access different aspects of the education program such as their assignments, exam syllabus, course material, and other curriculum-related data. It is also essential for the smooth functioning of anything done remotely; something that is possible only after integrating with uLearn’s Online Exam Proctoring software. Its signature features include maximum privacy, cheat-proof tests, easy LMS integration, automated warnings via AI, end-to-end encryption of data, and cost-effectiveness. While ULearn's online exam proctoring software ensures students are on-guard as cutting-edge technology can detect any instances of cheating using AI, it does not compromise their privacy. This is because human invigilators can see students only up to shoulder level; in addition, the tool uses student information only for the duration of each test. It is fool-proof as nobody needs to download a software; they merely need to add a browser extension, thereby making this process easy and virus-free.

Jeenal Ganatra who spearheads marketing at uLearn.io is ecstatic about this new association and says, “We are delighted to partner with a university that has such a rich heritage. Not only will this help them and other universities understand the benefit of online proctoring but also help students achieve their academic goals by making the entire examination process stress-free. It is especially imperative since a majority of students have now started attending classes remotely; however, we aim to make them feel like they are within the classroom at all times.”
Jeenal Ganatra
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