Digital Signage Advertising Network Launched in Support of Medical Research Community

Commonwealth Biomedical Research, LLC., a respected leader in the clinical trial research industry announces the launch of a new division devoted to clinical trial subject recruitment content and information distribution via its digital signage network. Digi-AdServices Network (DSN) was developed to fill an ever growing void in the methods of patient recruitment and research information distribution in the clinical research community.

Madisonville, KY, May 26, 2008 --( DSN maintains and operates a network of high definition large format monitors that display superior quality patient recruitment material as well as educational content and general health related information to clinics and doctors’ offices waiting rooms around the world. Traditional patient recruitment methods utilizing brochures, newspaper advertisements, and radio and television ad campaigns have become largely ineffective in delivering the information necessary for a potential study volunteer to make an informed decision about becoming a study participant. Brochures typically pile up in the waiting room and with the advent of DVR’s and Satellite Radio, mass marketed audio-visual advertising is being bypassed completely as viewers and listeners opt to pass over commercials.

The patient waiting room is the perfect captive audience. Typically a patient waits for about 10-15 minutes before being called to the exam room. During that time they can view health related information on a large screen high definition monitor. Information on healthy lifestyles, new medications as well as current and future medical research can be displayed in a way never before possible. By using full color motion or still slides, the amount of information distributed is much much more than could ever be realized in traditional media. Intermixed with this information is a “call to action” by the sponsoring pharmaceutical company to have the viewer inquire at the investigative site about participating in a medical research study.

Dr. Bret A. Wittmer, a well known leader in the world of medical research and the founder of the Digi-AdServices Network says "Digital displays deliver quality, useful information that could improve everyday lives. The network also provides a vehicle for physicians and research centers to communicate the importance of volunteering for clinical research trials to those waiting to be seen by the doctor “. By educating the public about the clinical research process in a way that is engaging and informative, a desire to participate is created. Digital signage is playing a huge part in how medical research and health information is being distributed. Research centers that are co-located with private practices are discovering that patients who have visited their physician for years were unaware that medical research was being conducted at the same location and that they could help in the advancements of new and improved medications.

In addition to general health information and patient recruitment there is an increase in interest by locally owned and national chain pharmacies to advertise on these monitors. By taking advantage of a captive audience in a doctor’s waiting room, the pharmacy is able to directly advertise to consumers who will more than likely “opt-in” to purchase their services or products.

The Digi-AdServices Network employs both cellular and cable technology to transmit data to its network of digital signs. The secure system is managed from DSN’s Global Operations Center in Madisonville KY and is able to update content on demand per the request of the advertiser. Digital signage based marketing is having a huge impact on the way people see things and the Digi-AdServices Network has the ability to take your message to the right people at the right time and at the right place.

For more information on how to take advantage of this new technology or to receive free advertising by hosting a DSN screen at your place of business, contact Digi-AdServices at 270-836-6772 or visit their website at

Digi-AdServices LLC
Eric Dytzel