ClinicalPURSUIT’s State-of-the-Art Configurable Patient Registry Solution is Transforming Data Collection in Medical Research

The US-based company is helping the medical industry transform data collection by offering them a HIPAA-compliant patient registry solution.

Clayton, MO, October 08, 2022 --( Since a patient registry is a powerful tool, it can offer meaningful benefits across a wide range of stakeholders, including researchers, physicians, and caregivers. Although the purpose of a patient registry may vary, it’s mainly used to evaluate patient outcomes and is now used by rare disease organizations, pharmaceutical groups, and medical researchers.

However, a patient registry can reach its potential only with a viable patient registry software like ClinicalPURSUIT – one that understands the goals of an organization and can develop a purpose-driven, custom data collection process that’s able to meet the goals for every stakeholder.

ClinicalPURSUIT patient registry software can capture data and build a registry for hundreds or thousands of patients. Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical research organizations use ClinicalPURSUIT to gather data efficiently and easily on groups of patients who have a breakthrough or specific procedure, have a particular condition or diagnosis, use a new medical device, take a new drug, or are in clinical studies.

“ClinicalPURSUIT is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based patient registry software that’s custom-tailored to follow your workflow. Consequently, it helps you expertly gather data on a patient population accurately and quickly. So, you always get results you can depend on that much fast,” a representative of ClinicalPURSUIT stated.

“Schedule a live demo at your convenience,” the representative concluded.
Using a clinical-focused registry, one can quickly build and review a large patient population for medical research purposes. Registry participants offer important details on variables like environmental factors, smoking habits, family history, etc., which serves as an incredible asset for researchers and patients. ClinicalPURSUIT can quickly catalyze rapid clinical data collection from multiple stakeholders and sources.

About ClinicalPURSUIT

ClinicalPURSUIT is vastly different from traditional Electronic Data Capture management solutions. Since 1998, Global Vision Technologies has been managing an array of clinical programs. Their experience has allowed them to develop cost-effective enterprise solutions that enable their clients to precisely gather data, so their clinical trials are completed on time with pristine data.
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