Singles Get a Dose of Resilience from Your Way Singles Network

Your Way Singles Network launches new program during what is often a challenging time for Singles – Wedding Season.

Toronto, Canada, May 26, 2008 --( The latest addition to the range of resources offered by the company is Resilient Singles: The 16-Week Success Challenge.

The coaching program is challenging Singles worldwide to rise above and make this a time when goals are defined and success becomes the primary focus – rather than the “blissful” unions occurring around them. Singles can kick start this seasonal venture by participating in the five day New Attitude Singles Telesymposium (June 2-6, 2008) where authors and experts in the industry will gather to provide information, advice and tools specific to solo-living. Following the event, Singles can then take part in the second stage of the Success Challenge that will include weekly resilient exercises, a monthly success audio and participation in a monthly resilient tele-club. The program’s virtual format translates to worldwide access for all Singles who are up for the challenge to make the wedding season a time for personal growth and achievement.

Like Valentine’s Day, the onset of warmer weather signals the beginning of what many know to be the wedding season. This period generally extends from June through to September. It is a time when last minute details are finalized, pre-event celebrations are underway and those who are Single can sometimes be left feeling inadequate, like an outcast and increasingly lonely.

“While not all Singles are affected the same way and to the same extent,” said Coach Carol, founder and CEO of Your Way Singles Network, “many find that it is one the most difficult periods of the year.” Coach Carol stated that the marriage of a friend or relative usually takes precedence over all else and, for those Singles who have the desire to also be married, it is a continual reminder of what they believe to be missing from their own lives.

About Your Way Singles Network

Established in 2007, Your Way Singles Network ( has been established in recognition of the broad range of characteristics existing within the enormous Singles population. Their goal is to contribute to the growth and achievements of Singles worldwide. They do this through their coaching programs as well as their efforts related to advancements within the industry at large.

With an inspirational and compassionate personality, Your Way Coach Carol (Soares) brings a unique brand of dedication to the coaching and industry-related services provided by Your Way Singles Network. The former Director of Clinical Services for a non-profit organization leads the company utilizing her expertise in program development and leadership. Coach Carol, a trained Relationship Coach and Registered Social Worker, has worked in a number of different capacities, counseling and coaching a diverse scope of individuals. The CEO also conducts many of the primary group coaching services in addition to public speaking engagements. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation and Ontario College of Certified Social Service and Social Workers.

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