ClinicalPURSUIT Is Helping Clinical Researchers Through Their Powerful and Easy to Use EDC Clinical Trial Software

The US-based company is helping researchers conduct their clinical studies by offering them a top-notch EDC system for patient studies.

Clayton, MO, November 23, 2022 --( EDC (Electronic Data Capture) is used to help pharmaceutical organizations accomplish the greatest effectiveness with regards to conducting analysis, structuring a database, and entering data for clinical trials. The EDC technology was primarily developed to minimize connectivity issues and human error, which are caused by unreliable IT systems. This is where ClinicalPURSUIT comes into the picture. ClinicalPURSUIT is arguably the easiest and most powerful EDC clinical trial software to gather and manage clinical trial data.

During the last decade, the use of EDC in clinical trials has gained considerable prominence. As the medical industry embraces innovations and new technologies, the volume of data collected before, during, and after the clinical trials continues to amplify. Thus, efficient management and comprehensive data collection are now becoming a priority for CROs (clinical research organizations) and pharmaceutical companies – and ClinicalPURSUIT is here to help.

ClinicalPURSUIT is a clinical electronic data capture software that allows research teams to swiftly set up and deploy single and multicenter studies in weeks. With ClinicalPURSUIT’s clinical trial data management services, research teams can get streamlined workflow and advanced user management to capture data effectively for all their clinical trials.

“Our powerful clinical data EDC system tools enable you to easily keep a tab on your clinical trial data status, which helps you act quickly when required. Whether you’re a clinical data manager, a CRO, or a study sponsor, our configurable dashboards deliver exactly the information you need,” a representative of ClinicalPURSUIT commented.

“Schedule a live, 1 on 1 demonstration from your computer now,” the representative concluded.

ClinicalPURSUIT is a simple yet powerful EDC clinical trial data management solution with ingenious productivity tools.

About ClinicalPURSUIT

ClinicalPURSUIT is vastly different from traditional Electronic Data Capture management solutions. Since 1998, Global Vision Technologies has been managing an array of clinical programs. Their experience has allowed them to develop cost-effective enterprise solutions that enable their clients to precisely gather data, so their clinical trials are completed on time with pristine data.

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