ClinicalPURSUIT Assists Researchers with Efficient Data Capture and Analysis During Clinical Trials

The leading EDC technology provider is helping those involved in clinical research with powerful data capture tools that promote productivity and efficiency.

Clayton, MO, November 23, 2022 --( Efficient data collection and analysis are fundamental to the success of clinical trials and research. Organizations and individuals involved in clinical research and trials are always looking for cutting-edge technology that can help them streamline their operations. Data capture is integral in clinical trials, and modern tools and technologies have helped build solid trials.

The clinical trial arena is undergoing a bit of a technological transformation. Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems have changed the way researchers collect data and conduct analysis. According to recent statistics, the EDC market is growing steadily, and major players such as ClinicalPURSUIT aim to provide quality technology that aids the entire clinical trial process.

ClinicalPURSUIT is a Missouri-based organization that creates quite a bit of a buzz with its clinical research technology. It has been operating since 1998 and aims to provide cutting-edge solutions to CROs, medical organizations, and others involved in clinical research. Their technology and software solutions include clinical trial data management software, clinical electronic data capture software, electronic patient-reported outcome software, and drug supply management solutions.

Speaking about their services, a company representative said, “The recent pandemic has shown the need of having efficient data capture systems and robust analysis that speeds up the clinical trial process. We have been providing our customers with state-of-the-art clinical trial EDC systems that help streamline processes and ensure the smooth operation of the entire function.

Our goal is to help those involved in clinical trials with quality technology to help speed up processes that will provide timely results. We always go above and beyond in providing cutting-edge tech.”

The company is growing leaps and bounds by providing quality software solutions for clinical trials. The unwavering commitment to quality and technological advancement is helping ClinicalPURSUIT become the go-to-market leader in EDC software and technology.

The company goes above and beyond and works closely with its customers to develop practical and effective solutions. They continue to transform the industry with their quality and effective technological solutions. ClinicalPURSUIT is currently offering a free demo of its state-of-the-art platform.

Those interested in upgrading their EDC and Data Management Software and Systems can contact the company via the information provided below.

About ClinicalPURSUIT

ClinicalPURSUIT has been operating since 1998. The company has acquired a reputation for providing effective and state-of-the-art patient registries and clinical trial data management solutions to CROs, sponsors, organizations, and researchers. As a result, ClinicalPURSUIT has established itself as one of the best providers of modern EDC technology.

Their products and services offer the latest technology that is helping those involved with clinical research and trials with effective data collection and analyses. ClinicalPURSUIT has always been focused on adding value for their clientele which has enabled them to become the preferred EDC software supplier for many stakeholders.
Jim Harris