ClinicalPURSUIT’s Configurable Dashboards Assists Researchers in Conducting Clinical Research

The leading EDC systems provider is helping clinical researchers with state-of-the-art software that has configurable dashboards that aid in the entire data capture and analyses.

Clayton, MO, November 25, 2022 --( Clinical trials are fundamental to the success of modern medicinal and therapeutic development. However, there is a great need for a technological overhaul in the clinical trial industry. Researchers require modern tools and technology to conduct robust clinical trials that help create modern medicine to tackle emerging diseases.

However, the lack of customized tools often proves to be a roadblock for clinical researchers, CROs, and sponsors looking to conduct efficient and seamless trials.

To bridge this gap and provide researchers with customized solutions, ClinicalPURSUIT has stepped in to provide their clients with intuitive software and solutions that aid decision-making, ultimately leading to better therapeutic development. ClinicalPURSUIT strives to provide custom-configured web-based solutions to streamline clinical trials, reduce study time and improve cost-effectiveness.

The Missouri-based organization has made significant head waves in the clinical trial industry by providing modern research technology. It has been operating since 1998 and aims to provide cutting-edge solutions to CROs, medical organizations, and others involved in clinical research.

When asked about their customizable dashboards and configurations, a company representative said, “There has always been a great demand for customized software that aid researchers in conducting robust trials. We provide configurable dashboards through our state-of-the-art solutions that help researchers to use data according to their liking. This assists in the overall decision-making process, leading to better trials and development.”

They added, “We are here to provide our clients with the best software and solutions to conduct clinical trials. Our technicians will provide you with the ultimate EDC solution!”

These custom solutions and services provided by ClinicalPURSUIT have enabled researchers to optimize their processes and reduce the time involved in conducting their research and trials. The company has provided a robust solution and software that promotes rapid study development, streamlined EDC management, Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePro), Enterprise Clinical Electronic Data Capture, Patient Registry feature, etc.

ClinicalPURSUIT has managed to build robust and HIPAA-compliant software that can be tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of different organizations. The software has significant integration capabilities that allow organizations to integrate it within their existing systems.

Theyare currently offering a free demo of its state-of-the-art platform.Those interested in upgrading their patient registry, EDC, and Data Management Software and Systems can contact the company representatives via the information provided below.

About ClinicalPURSUIT

ClinicalPURSUIT has been operating since 1998. The company has acquired a reputation for providing effective and state-of-the-art patient registries and EDC solutions to CROs, sponsors, organizations, and researchers. As a result, ClinicalPURSUIT has established itself as one of the best providers of modern research technology.

Their premium offerings provide the latest technology that is helping those involved with clinical research and trials with effective data collection and analyses. ClinicalPURSUIT has always been focused on adding value for its clientele, enabling them to become the preferred EDC software supplier for many stakeholders.
Jim Harris