Webswing 22.2 Release

New Webswing 22.2 has been released in October 2022: Focused on Migration capabilities, Stability, Security and Continuity and packed with new features while still retaining the support for Java 8.

Dublin, Ireland, November 22, 2022 --(PR.com)-- The new Webswing 22.2 Software release is available in the download section or in the Client Portal.

The detailed list of features included in the current release are below:

NPM module for easier integration to javascript projects
Allows easier integration of Webswing into the existing web project via the newly created NPM module. New module is well documented and enables typescript. This feature saves time for developers and allows better control over the source code.

Multi-screen window placement support (Chrome/Edge)
Now Webswing version 22.2 can configure precise window placement in a multi-screen environment. This feature enables the positioning of undocked windows across multiple screens. There is also API access provided to query particular screen layouts.

Web security configuration
What has been quite hardcoded before is now easily configurable via Webswing Admin Console. Multiple parameters are now swiftly adjustable at your fingertips.

Recording and thread dump improvements in Admin Console
Thanks to this new troubleshooting feature, now it is super easy to check back to recordings and thread dumps. In order to playback recordings, Webswing doesn’t need to be installed. Also there is no necessity to have a shared folder in a cluster created in order to be able to store thread dumps, recordings and logs. Furthermore Logs from the admin server have been added to UI so now checking what's going on in the background is very easy.

Startup script and JavaFX libs for Mac OS platform in distributions
Mac users are able to perform one-click start-up of Webswing now.

JSLink deprecated
JSLink v1 has been deprecated in Webswing version 22.2. Although it is still functioning, it might cause some specific problems, to be precautious and target this new update is recommended.

Improved project structure and dependencies, minimised libraries in distributions
Cleaned, minified and even more efficient source code. Webswing has now >20% smaller distribution size / footprint which actually results in faster startup of Webswing Server.

New Test Tool
Test Tool has been completely redesigned with the same feel&look as other supportive and complementary software tools. Besides new design it has gotten new features:

File Manager update - recording files are now stored directly on the server
Enhanced control of recording playback
Improved test troubleshooting and editing options

Webswing appreciates the client's opinion. The experience with Webswing is what helps to build the most reliable solution for running Java desktop applications in the web browser. For any questions or help, please contact customer support or the sales department.
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