a1qa Reveals the Secrets to Mastering the Leadership Role in the GoodFirms Podcast

Nadya Knysh, managing director at a1qa, North America, shares valuable knowledge on improving leadership skills.

Lakewood, CO, October 28, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Nadya Knysh, managing director at a1qa, North America, took part in the podcast “Secrets to mastering the leadership role” as part of the GoodFirms Leaders Roundtable and talked about the role of today’s business leaders.

The IT world is continuously evolving, requiring executives to search for novel practices to master their skills and strategies to succeed.

During the podcast, Nadya touches upon 4 vital topics:

1. Competencies lacked by emerging leaders

Many startups focus on getting more initial investments instead of making a big effort to generate innovative ideas and find a competent leader who knows how to deal with uncertainty. Diligence, hard work, and persistence ― these competencies are much more essential to get ahead.

2. Ways to identify leadership skills or weaknesses

When searching for a leader to work for you, it’s mission-critical to gauge a set of traits: recent achievements, management capabilities in a critical situation, and how they can become better and refine their abilities. To improve skills, they should be more focused, understand their actions and how they can help attain the goals, and inspire the whole crew.

3. Tips to motivate your team and establish effective communication

Reward team members when they achieved the goal, keep a sound work-life balance, provide support for the crew to ensure their mental and physical wellness, be empathic and responsive, and introduce an “open door policy” — these are the pieces of advice from Nadya.

It’s also vital to take measures to minimize the stress level of the team: organize workshops to assist employees in honing their skills, consider the time zone difference to establish efficient communication, take heed of the team’s feedback, and more.

4. Steps to improve female workforce representation in leadership roles

In today’s world, creating a safer environment for women and providing them the freedom to express their ideas is imperative. The first critical step is offering equal opportunities for women at all levels, be it a workplace or education, and the second — evaluate their skills, talents, and passion for work with no limit by gender.

Moreover, whatever transitions the company passes through, the leader should still maintain its success. Nadya Knysh shared her opinion on this point: “Before framing a transformative strategy, you should clearly know why you want it. Discuss with your team its impact on different business processes, such as hiring, team collaboration, supply chain, customer relationship, etc. Any transformation done with proper planning and execution is a waste of time, energy, and resources.”

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