Suicide Survivor Launches Mental Health Speaking Campaign for Australian Workplaces

Mental Health Author Adam Bowcutt's mission is saving and changing 500,000 lives from depression and suicide by 2079.

Sydney, Australia, November 16, 2022 --( XN Mental Wealth has announced they're launching a powerful Mental Health Speaking Campaign for Australian Workplaces. This milestone is a major move towards Adam Bowcutt’s goal of saving & changing 500,000 lives from depression & suicide by 2079.

“I am exceptionally focused and energized to lead the way in helping people in Australian organisations (and especially those who are struggling) to feel supported by their peers and employers so they can keep moving forward toward recovery instead of retreating deeper into despair,” says Adam Bowcutt, Spokesperson at XN Mental Wealth. “I know how hard it can be to talk about these things with others because they don't always understand what we're going through—they just want us to 'get over it'.”

This news comes in the wake of many recent accomplishments of the organisation, including:

Releasing Book 1: Confide, The New Psychology of Confidence. How to Power Up after Experiencing Depression.
Releasing Book 2: Work Is Mental, Rethinking Future Workplace Mental Health.
Delivering valuable workplace mental health guest speaking for a selection of large Australian Companies.

"I am in awe at Adam's focus on Mental health. I recommend Adam for public speaking events on topics like mental health. I enjoy listening to his personal experiences, and how he overcame depression, and how he keeps a check on himself. I love it and I love him!" said Mitchell Wan, Director, InfinityPATH.

To learn more about XN Mental Wealth and Author Adam Bowcutt's Mental Health Speaking Campaign for Australian Workplaces visit adambowcutt(dot)com(dot)au
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