David Lim Joins the Team at Microvascular Therapeutics as Director of Finance

Tucson, AZ, November 25, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Microvascular Therapeutics (MVT), a clinical stage biotechnology company based in Tucson, Arizona, announced the appointment of David Lim as Director of Finance at MVT. Mr. Lim brings a broad experience with the business development and strategic financing for diagnostic pharmaceuticals across all modalities.

“I have been working with the team at MVT since Q4 of 2021, and it has been my privilege to work alongside Dr. Unger, Dr. Meuillet, and the rest of the team. Dr. Unger, who is a pioneer in the ultrasound contrast agent, is a great entrepreneur, inventor, and innovator. Dr. Meuillet is an outstanding scientist and developer. With their leadership and MVT’s strong pipeline, MVT will tackle the unmet healthcare needs in cardiology, vascular thrombosis, oncology, and Alzheimer’s. We at MVT believe it is our mission to increase the time of life and increase the quality of life,” said Mr. Lim.

David has extensive experience in financial markets both public and private, and asset management industry. He Co-Founded Washington Square Capital, which focuses on making acquisitions of privately held businesses. Previously, he worked as a trader for a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada, with $40B in assets under management by the time David left the firm. His experience also includes being a proprietary trader. As a trader, David researched and developed investments to be implemented for the firm’s portfolios and funds, while mitigating risk. In addition to his finance experience, David has advised on transactions for commercial real estate in New York City. He has played a critical role in the due diligence process for several investments. He is currently an Advisor for a Web 3 company Plato. David received a Bachelor of Science degree from Rutgers University, and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.

Emmanuelle Meuillet, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of MVT said, “We are very excited to have David joining the team as our Director of Finance. David has well established relationship with the investor community.”

Microvascular Therapeutics is a privately held clinical stage biotechnology company developing ultrasound contrast agents and theranostic. MVT has multiple products in its pipeline in significant unmet needs in cardiovascular diseases, oncology and neurology. MVT is also in clinical development of a new improved ultrasound contrast agent.

Microvascular Therapeutics was founded by Dr. Evan C. Unger, is an entrepreneur and pioneer in the development of Perflutren-based microbubbles. His first company, ImaRx Pharmaceutical, developed Definity®, a Perfluten microbubble which is now the world’s #1 selling ultrasound contrast agent for echocardiography (heart) imaging. The company has a strong intellectual property portfolio: 11 Patent Families and 9 issued US patents.

For further information, contact: Emmanuelle Meuillet, e.meuillet@mvtpharma.com.

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