Milton White Advisors Annunciates New Designations

Earlier annunciated today that Mr. Aaren Polles has been promoted as Senior Financial Analyst at Milton White Advisors and will assume responsibilities at a higher level.

Quebec, Canada, May 29, 2008 --( Milton White Advisors President, Mr. Ronald Milton stated. "Mr. Polles will still carry his previous commitment at Milton White Advisors however, he will take charge of the responsibility for the financial lucubration, relations with rating establishments, bound liability assessment, reporting to the Financial Board in the area of account financing, handling and strategy."

Mr. Polles said in his speech. "It is glad to embrace this designation and see this as a great chance of opportunity and look beyond to the coming challenges that awaits me." Further he says. "It is important that every universal establishment has a strong financial reputation and my appointment further declares that Milton White Advisors with its intentions of becoming the world's well known financial consulting firm."

Milton White Advisors comprises the firm's Corporate Finance and Syndicate Departments. The company's professional staffs are well experienced in working with high-quality seed stage and early stage companies. As a specialty full-service consultant, Milton White Advisors offers its corporate clients a much higher level of expertise, focus, and personal service than is often found at other firms. An investment relationship usually starts with a thorough assessment of a company by Milton White Advisors' research analysts.

Financial advisors craft effective solutions to clients' strategic growth needs through public offerings, private placements, PIPEs, mergers and acquisitions, valuations and fairness opinions, and other advisory services. The Investment team includes experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds, incorporating financial, legal, and accounting skills. Maintaining a focus on a single industry allows us to build an extensive network of business and financial relationships. Its senior advisors strive to build long-term relationships with clients through a personalized attention, a high level of integrity, and a commitment to provide timely, continuous support.

Ensure and Accelerate your Merger Potential well-planned and executed merger integrations to separate successful M&A deals from failures. Companies spend millions/billions on the M&A deal, but struggle to integrate the acquired business with the existing business.

Milton White Advisors
Martin Stiles