Dan Croke Extends Help to the Disadvantaged

Dan Croke, the Queensland entrepreneur, has recently extended the practical and monetary support that he gives to disadvantaged people in the local community, continuing an ongoing commitment to make a difference in society.

Brisbane, Australia, May 30, 2008 --(PR.com)-- For many years Dan Croke has been quietly providing support to people in his local area who have been less fortunate than him, such as providing free housing for deserted mothers with children, or by offering interest free loans to people who are in financial difficulty or who want to get a start in business.

As a successful business owner, Dan Croke has continually looked for ways to help others make a start on the same path as him. While at university he became a mentor to many other students, advising them on the best ways to get by on student incomes. Since developing his working career as a property investor, his primary motivation has been to find ways to channel back this wealth into society where a meaningful difference can be achieved.

As part of that process, Croke has created a wealth creation model that teaches people how to achieve financial success for themselves. He has also provided emergency accommodation for single mothers who had been deserted and his many charitable donations include a significant contribution to a local school. In addition, his support of local business ideas has seen him provide interest free loans to a number of emerging entrepreneurs who would not otherwise be able to raise the necessary funding.

Dan Croke is now looking at new ways of using his created wealth to support those in society who are less fortunate than him, including raising funds for some permanent accommodation that will be available for deserted mothers. It’s this motivation that drives his business activities and provides immense satisfaction for him to support others in the community.

Dan Croke
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