Celebrate World Parrot Day with Your Kids

Sylvan Dell Publishing offers educational children’s book, fun facts and crafts in honor of World Parrot Day.

Mt. Pleasant, SC, May 30, 2008 --(PR.com)-- May 31 marks the international holiday dedicated to celebrating, honoring and protecting parrots: World Parrot Day. World Parrot Day is a nationwide event that aims to raise awareness of the threats to captive and wild parrots.

World Parrot Day was founded on May 21, 2004, by the World Parrot Trust, a charity dedicated to saving parrots. World Parrot Day receives a large amount of support from zoos and animal conservation organizations throughout the world. Every year, many different parades and celebrations are held in honor of these beautiful birds on World Parrot Day.

Families can celebrate World Parrot Day by reading Katherine Rawson’s “If You Were a Parrot.” A 2007 ForeWord Book of the Year finalist, this whimsical book that will have children imagining what life would be like as a pet parrot.

Readers join four parrots and their young multicultural owners as they morph into four-toed parrots climbing around the house and chewing wooden spoons and popsicles – sticks and all – with hooked parrot beaks.

This educational children’s book is available through Sylvan Dell Publishing, a publisher of science, math and nature themed children’s books.

The back of every Sylvan Dell book features a 3 to 5 page “For Creative Minds” section. The “FCM” section introduces fun facts, crafts, vocabulary and games to reinforce the educational value and to support National Science and Math Standards. In “If You Were a Parrot,” the “FCM” section features fun facts, tips for taking care of a pet parrot and a “Make a Beak” craft.

In honor of World Parrot Day, Sylvan Dell Publishing presents these fun parrot facts, found in the “FCM” section of “If You Were a Parrot”:

• Parrots are animals in the “Aves” class, which means that they are a type of bird.
• These birds’ colorful feathers not only help them to fly- the feathers also keep them warm in cold weather.
• Birds are warm-blooded-just like us. This means that they have to create their own body heat.
• Parrots don’t have teeth to chew food…but they do have beaks that are strong enough to break through hard seeds or nuts.
• There are over 300 species of parrots. Four of the 300 species are found in the picture book “If You Were a Parrot”.

To read more interesting facts about parrots and to complete fun parrot activities in honor of World Parrot Day, visit http://www.sylvandellpublishing.com/documents/Parrot-ForCreativeMinds.pdf.

Any questions regarding World Parrot Day or Sylvan Dell Publishing can be sent to LaurenGreene@SylvanDellPublishing.com. To order “If You Were a Parrot” or any other Sylvan Dell children’s book, visit www.SylvanDellPublishing.com.


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